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About the Program

The eight-hour drama follows Victoria (Jenna Coleman) from the time she becomes Queen in 1837 at the age of 18 through her relationship with Lord Melbourne (Rufus Sewell), her first prime minister and intimate friend, and her courtship and marriage to Prince Albert (Tom Hughes). Famous for her candor and spirit, she was the first woman who seemed to have it all: a passionate marriage, nine children and the job of being queen of the world’s most important nation. Her often tumultuous reign lasted for 63 years. Learn more.

Victoria, Season 2

ABOUT SEASON 2: Jenna Coleman returns for a new season as the young queen who wants it all - romance, power, an heir, and personal freedom. Season 2 finds Victoria adapting to motherhood after the birth of her first child. Meanwhile, the disaster of the Anglo-Afghan War unfolds abroad, and the catastrophic Irish potato famine begins to wreak havoc. In other foreign affairs, a royal state visit to France is in the offing. Most intriguing to Prince Albert is the budding Industrial Revolution, which is now sweeping England.

Joining the cast in the new season is legendary actress Dame Diana Rigg (Game of Thrones, The Avengers), who plays the Duchess of Buccleuch, the court’s new Mistress of the Robes - a fount of old-fashioned good sense for the queen, who is now in the throes of motherhood.

Episode 1:
A Soldier's Daughter & The Green-Eyed Monster | Sun, Jan. 14 @ 7pm & 8pm
(repeats 1/16 @ 3am; 1/18 @ 8pm)
New mother Victoria is impatient to return to the business of ruling a nation, while Albert attempts to protect her from the increasingly desperate news regarding British soldiers in Afghanistan. Victoria is thrown into turmoil by the realization that she is pregnant again, and her equilibrium is further threatened by Albert’s burgeoning friendship with the lady mathematician, Ada Lovelace. Episode 2: Warp and Weft & The Sins of the Father | Sun, Jan. 21 @ 8pm & 9pm
(repeats 1/23 @ 3am; 1/25 @ 8pm; 1/28 @ 6pm)
Discontent is growing in the country, and Victoria throws a costume ball in a misguided attempt to help the silk weavers of Spitalfields – but the spectacular event only exposes her naivety, and an unexpected grief finally forces her to put childish things away for good. Despite giving birth to a healthy Prince of Wales, Victoria finds herself paralyzed by an inexplicable sorrow. Meanwhile, a tragedy in Coburg plunges Albert into his own private torment.

Episode 3: Entente Cordiale | Sun, Jan. 28 @ 8pm (repeats 1/30 @ 3am)
Victoria decides to try her hand at foreign relations, and takes the royal court on an adventure to France, stepping toe to toe with the cunning King of the French, Louis Philippe.

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Episode 4: Faith, Hope & Charity | Sun, Feb. 4 @ 8pm
(repeats TBA)
News of the horrific famine in Ireland has finally reached the Queen. She is adamant that her government should be doing more to help, but meets with surprising opposition from her Prime Minister.

Episode 5: The King Over the Water | Sun, Feb. 11 @ 8pm
(repeats TBA)
Feeling suffocated by the weight of the crown, Victoria escapes with her court to the Scottish Highlands. She and Albert revel in the opportunity to be a normal husband and wife, but the holiday can’t last forever. Episode 6: The Luxury of Conscience | Sun, Feb. 18 @ 8pm (repeats TBA)
Victoria and Albert have to face their worst nightmare as parents, while Peel takes on the ultimate battle in Parliament. When tragedy strikes, they must confront the true cost of standing by your convictions.

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Episode 7: Season Finale | Sun, Feb. 25 @ 8pm (repeat TBA)
It's Christmastime at the palace and Albert is intent on recreating the holiday joy he remembers from his youth. Victoria gets more than one surprise visitor and finds herself threatened by a relative. Meanwhile, the festive spirit sparks romantic tension throughout the palace.

Victoria, Season 1

Episode 1: Doll 123 | Sun, Dec. 17 @ 8pm (repeats 12/18 @ 12am; 12/19 @ 3am; 12/23 @ 8pm)
As a new queen, the young Victoria struggles to take charge amid plots to manipulate her. Her friendship with the prime minister leads to a crisis in Parliament.

Episode 2: Brocket Hall | Sun, Dec. 24 @ 8pm (repeats 12/26 @3am; 12/30 @ 8pm)
Facing rioters and suitors, Victoria grows into her royal role. As she ponders marriage, her friendship with Lord Melbourne grows more complex.

Episode 3: The Clockwork Prince | Sun, Dec. 24 @ 9pm (repeats 12/26 @ 4am, 12/30 @ 9pm)
Albert pays a visit against the queen’s wishes and meets royal disdain. Where could it possibly lead? Meanwhile, the mystery of Miss Skerrett’s past deepens.

Episode 4: An Ordinary Woman | Sun, Dec. 31 @ 7pm (repeats 1/2 @ 2:30am; 1/6 @ 8pm)
Courtship at court leads to second thoughts and other complications. Will Victoria and Albert take the fateful step into matrimony? And will the queen promise "to obey" her foreign prince?

Episode 5: The Queen's Husband | Sun, Jan. 7 @ 7pm (repeats 1/9 @ 2am; 1/13 @ 7pm)
At loose ends in a foreign land, Albert finds a noble cause. Victoria gets her way at court and resorts to a folk cure in the bedroom. Francatelli does Miss Skerrett a favor—for a price.

Episode 6: The Engine of Change | Sun, Jan. 7 @ 8pm (repeats 1/8 @ 3am; 1/9 @3am; 1/13 @ 8pm)
With a child on the way, Victoria must choose a regent in case she dies during childbirth. The Tory party disputes her choice, but she and Albert turn the tables with the aid of the latest in 19th century technology.

Episode 7: Young England | Sun, Jan. 7 @ 8pm (repeats 1/8 @ 1am; 1/9 @ 4am; 1/13 @ 9pm; 1/14 @ 7pm)
On the verge of delivering her first child, Victoria spurns advice and ventures among her subjects, attracting the devoted and demented alike. Miss Skerrett and Francatelli reach their decisive moment.


Victoria fans will love this insightful introduction to the film provided by by Dr. K.K. Collins, Professor and distinguished teacher in the Department of English at Southern Illinois University Carbondale Dr. Collins discusses common misconceptions about Queen Victoria, as well as the role and power of the monarchy when she took the throne. Read through Dr. Collins’ remarks to learn more about the challenges and triumphs of Queen Victoria’s reign.