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About the Show:

Produced and hosted by Catherine Neville, publisher of the St. Louis-based food magazine Feast, this new mouth-watering Emmy-winning series celebrates the culinary treasures of our region.

Inspired by Feast’s print features, Feast TV offers unique content focusing on the people and places that help to define the regional food scene. Each half-hour episode uncovers the Midwest's most compelling food stories through in-depth segments covering a wide array of culinary content. You’ll meet the area’s most innovative culinarians and get a fresh look at local foods across the region - including southern Illinois. Each episode includes a cooking demo, filmed in Neville’s kitchen, that progresses through the show.


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Urban Farming | Watch Online
In this episode, we explore urban farming in all of its forms. We head to a rooftop farm made possible through innovative architecture, visit a compact teaching farm carved out of an urban neighborhood and explore a fully off-the-grid farm where ideals and flavorful produce thrive. Veggie-forward cooking is taking center stage in kitchens across the country and host Cat Neville will show you a classic Italian pie that showcases farm-fresh greens and eggs.

Food Gives Back | Watch Online
When you think of charities focused on food, you most likely think of hunger relief organizations. Yes, food pantries are critical to the lives of the 1 in 8 Americans who are food insecure, but food-focused charities play vital roles you may have never considered. In this episode, we are meeting some of the people behind nonprofits that have a deep and meaningful impact on the communities they serve. In the kitchen, host Cat Neville makes stuffed poblano peppers, a dish that utilizes inexpensive staples typically found in food pantries.

Feast Your Eyes | Watch Online
We all know the old adage that you eat with your eyes. Typically, that applies to the way food is plated, but it also extends to the design of objects that are associated with food culture. Dining tables, chairs, flatware, glasses, linens and even the brand identity of the products we choose impact our experience of food and drink. Today we are taking you into the studios of craftspeople and artists who are making the culinary experience more beautiful, from furniture to glassware to graphic design. Then, it's off to the kitchen with Cat Neville where she uses a locally brewed stout in a chocolate layer cake frosted with coffee buttercream.

Local Wine | Watch Online
Prohibition nearly wiped the industry out, but today there are almost 130 wineries in the state. Each winery approaches winemaking from a unique, personal perspective and today we will visit three very distinct wineries, each with its own style and story to tell. Wine is a key ingredient in many dishes and so back in the kitchen, host Cat Neville makes spatch-cocked chicken with white wine and herbs.

Pasture to Plate | Watch Online
Wonder where your meat comes from? In the small town of Trimble, Missouri, there is a meat processing plant that exemplifies what it means to be an artisan butcher. Here, the Fantasma family works with small family farms to ethically source animals which are humanely processed. We begin the episode at a hog farm with one of Paradise Locker Meats' key partners in providing well-cared-for animals. We follow the pigs to the processing plant and then to a salumeria and restaurant in Kansas where the culinary team crafts dishes that respect the animals and pay homage to the producers. In the kitchen, host Cat Neville uses local sausages and duck confit to make a soul satisfying cassoulet.

The Sweet Life | Watch Online
506 The Sweet Life. The Sweet Life - Everyone wants a taste of the sweet life, so in this episode, we explore the sugary side of the culinary world. And when you think sweet, you most likely automatically think of simple white sugar, but there's a world of sweet delights beyond the bag of Domino in your pantry. Today, we get behind the scenes with chefs and craftspeople who are coaxing deliciousness from a range of sweeteners and making pastries, syrups and even mead, a fermented honey wine. Then host Cat Neville shows you how easy it is to incorporate natural date sugar into your pastries at home with a date and walnut filled cookie flavored with cardamon and cumin.

Milk It | Watch Online
Say cheese, everyone. In this episode, we are taking you to the farm ... and also giving you a fork. At Rolling Lawn Farm, four generations have been producing high quality milk from a well-cared-for herd of Holsteins since 1910. The tradition is being carried on by going back to basics - bottling and selling the milk and cream directly to consumers and chefs. And then we're heading to a farm and creamery in Illinois where fresh and aged goat milk cheeses share the table with farm-fresh fare at a series of chef-inspired dinners that bring consumers straight to the farm itself. Cheese enhances the flavor of many dishes and in the kitchen, host Cat Neville makes a bloomy rind cheese en croute that is sure to wow dinner guests.

On the Hunt | Watch Online
Hunting is a tradition here in the Midwest, but while many have grown up following their family into fields and forests, there are quite a few people who have never experienced a day in a duck blind or a deer stand. In this episode, Cat Neville heads to Wing Shoot Farms for a day-long duck hunt and then heads to a class hosted by the Missouri Department of Conservation where two Kansas City chefs teach a room full of enthusiasts how to make the most of their harvest. In the kitchen, host Cat Neville makes the most of her hunt with a dish of seared wild Mallard with a blackberry chutney.

Bottoms Up | Watch Online
There is constant innovation in the beverage industry. Craft beer, distilling and other segments of the drinks business are pushing boundaries, creating new experiences and resurrecting old ones. In this episode, we explore our region's liquid culture and indulge in a drink or two. In the kitchen, host Cat Neville shows you how to cook with spirits as she makes a hearty dish enhanced with local bourbon.

Truckin' | Watch Online
Food trucks are no longer a fad. They are now a regular sight on our roads, in parks and in corporate parking lots, serving up inexpensive, quick and creative food from their mobile kitchens. What started as a way for chefs to offer mobile food has evolved and in this episode of Feast TV, we will see how food trucks have adapted and expanded. From an urban food truck park to a truck turned brick-and-mortar to a truck that prefers partnerships, today we're exploring food on four wheels.

The Rise of Artisan Bread | Watch Online
Artisan bread is on the rise here in the Midwest and in this episode we'll meet the bakers making amazing bread possible from crust to crumb. For many years, we lost touch with what great bread was, but today there has recently been a huge resurgence in quality and creativity. Bakers are using locally milled flours, wild yeasts, long fermentation times and turning out beautiful loaves that have people rethinking what American bread can and should be. From small bakeries to large, flavor is the focus as we explore local bread. Back in the kitchen with host Cat Neville, you'll learn how to make a rich and savory bread pudding.

Testing, Testing, Testing |
Watch Online
The restaurant business is risky. In fact, just about 60% of restaurants fail in the first three years. In order mitigate some of that risk, restaurateurs focus a huge amount of time and energy ensuring that once the doors open, everything has been vetted, tested and tried. In this episode we are exploring some of the most innovative ways our region's best chefs are playing with their food and setting the stage for what's next on your plate. Throughout the episode, you'll join Cat Neville in a multi-course pop-up experience and watch how the dinner comes together and then unfolds over an evening.

Foraged Foods |
Watch Online
Most of the food that we eat is grown on farms, picked, packed and shipped to a grocery store or offered up at a farmer's market. Sometimes we grow our own food in backyard gardens, on window sills or in neighborhood plots. But not all food is cultivated. Many foods are foraged, plucked from wild places and either eaten quickly during their fleeting seasons or preserved for future enjoyment. Our first segment takes us on a morel hunt, then we're off to the woods to forage for black walnuts. Next up, we visit a farm that specializes in wild and native species. In the kitchen, host Cat Neville makes a black walnut-crusted pork with cider gravy.