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WSIU Almanac
Airs on 5:29am, 6:29am, 7:29am & 8:29am

Weekday @ 5:29am, 6:29am, 7:29am & 8:29am
Or, listen online at WSIU Almanac

WSIU Almanac is a new weekday feature that provides an overview of events, happenings, and history of the world around us.

Each episode provides a little "slice of life" about the day. And to make sure we don't miss anything we have a special e-mail set up that you can use to send information to us. It's short and simple: almanac@wsiu.org.

About the Host:

WSIU Radio welcomes Kevin Boucher, as the new WSIU Radio Community Engagement Producer and host of The WSIU Almanac and the Acoustic Nature Hour. Each episode of The WSIU Almanac is designed to create awareness about events happening around the region and to give a voice to groups and individuals who are working to better their communities and the environment.

Learn more about the program or listen to past episodes online on news.wsiuorg. Or, get to know Kevin Bocher, the host of WSIU Almanac, by reading a recent profile or by visiting his host page which contain podcasts of WSIU Almanac and Acoustic Nature Hour.

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