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WSIU Contact Information
 By Mail...

  WSIU Public Broadcasting
1100 Lincoln Dr - Ste 1003
SIU Mailcode 6602
Carbondale, IL 62901-4306
  Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM
  The WSIU offices and studios are located in the
Communications Building on the campus of
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois, USA.

By Phone...

Main Office
(618) 453-4343
  Main Office Toll-Free
(866) 498-5561
  Customer Service / Membership
(618) 453-6184
   Pledge Line
(618) 453-9748 
   Pledge Line Toll-Free
(800) 745-9748
   SIRIS (Radio Reading Service)
(618) 453-2808
   WSIU Education & Outreach
(618) 453-5595
   WSIU Radio
(618) 453-4344
   WSIU Radio Newsroom
(618) 453-6101
   WSIU Radio Listener Line
(618) 453-8272
(618) 453-4344
   WSIU TV Newsroom (River Region)
(618) 453-6541
   WSIU TV DTV Questions
(618) 453-6156
   WSIU TV DVD/VHS Purchases
(618) 453-6184
   WSIU TV Programming
(618) 453-6169
   Closed Captioning Issues
(618) 453-8137
   Public File Inquiries - Delores Kerstein
(618) 453-6183

 By Fax...
  Main Fax Line
(618) 453-6186
  Education & Outreach
(618) 453-6159
(618) 453-6159
  SIRIS (Radio Reading Service)
(618) 453-2801
  WSIU Radio Newsroom Fax
(618) 453-6246
  WSIU TV Newsroom Fax
(618) 453-5283

 By Email...
  Customer Service / Membership
  WSIU Radio
  WSIU Television
  Television Reception Problem Report
  Report Closed Captioning Issues  

 Financial Reports...
  FY 2013 Audited Financial Report
  FY 2012 Audited Financial Report
  FY 2011 Audited Financial Report
  FY 2010 Audited Financial Report
  FY 2009 Audited Financial Report
  FY 2008 Audited Financial Report
  FY 2007 Audited Financial Report
  FY 2006 Audited Financial Report

 EEO Reports...
  Annual EEO Report for 2008
  Annual EEO Report for 2009
  Annual EEO Report for 2010
  Annual EEO Report for 2011
  Annual EEO Report for 2012
  Annual EEO Report for 2013
  Annual EEO Report for 2014
 DTV Quarterly Activity Station Reports - FCC Form 388
  First Quarter 2008
  2008 - 1st Quarter - WSIU TV
  2008 - 1st Quarter - WUSI TV
 Second Quarter 2008
  2008 - 2nd Quarter - WSIU TV
  2008 - 2nd Quarter - WUSI TV
 Third Quarter 2008
  2008 - 3rd Quarter - WSIU TV
  2008 - 3rd Quarter - WUSI TV
 Fourth Quarter 2008
  2008 - 4th Quarter - WSIU TV
  2008 - 4th Quarter - WUSI TV
 First Quarter 2009
  2009 - 1st Quarter - WSIU TV
  2009 - 1st Quarter - WUSI TV
 Second Quarter 2009
  2009 - 2nd Quarter - WSIU TV
  2009 - 2nd Quarter - WUSI TV

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Photo of the Week
Who says math can't be fun? WSIU introduced iPod math games to migrant farm worker families recently. Here is one boy's opinion.
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SIU Carbondale is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer of individuals with disabilities and protected veterans that strives to enhance its ability to develop a diverse faculty and staff to increase its potential to serve a diverse student population.
The most recent WSIU EEO report, WSIU Community Impact Report, and WSIU Financial Audit are available for review. The online version of the FCC WSIU Public File is available here.