Biz Kid$ airs Sundays @ 9am on WSIU TV

About The Program

Fast paced and fun, Biz Kid$ is a series that teaches kids about managing money and entrepreneurship. Each episode features compelling real-life stories about young business owners and philanthropists and reinforces the importance of budgeting, saving, and giving back to the community.
The series is produced by the creators of the Emmy award-winning series Bill Nye the Science Guy and offers free curriculum materials for every episode at

This Season on Biz Kid$:

Using Your Credit - Crazy Or Compelling?
Don't live on borrowed time. Join the Biz Kids and you'll see the true cost of purchasing with credit. You'll also have an unsettling look at credit scores and the increasing number of people and places (employers, insurers, colleges, etc.) who are using these scores to make major decisions that could affect your future. Meet entrepreneurs who have successfully navigated credit pitfalls.

Budgeting Basics
The Biz Kids learn the first rule of money management: you can't manage what you don't know. Join the kids and you'll look at spending and expenses and examine several proven methods on how to gain control of both. You'll also meet several successful entrepreneurs.

Understanding Business Ethics
Do the right thing! You'll learn with the Biz Kids as they examine several aspects of ethics in business. You'll also see the downside of not following ethical business practices. In this episode you will discover what it means for management to lead by example, and how employees must take responsibility for their behavior. Meet several entrepreneurs who are successful on all levels.

Saving and Investing for Your Future
You'll learn along with the Biz Kids about the powerful potential of starting a savings plan early in life. You'll also discover various savings and investing options available to young people. As always, you'll meet individuals who are successful at saving and at their businesses.

Money Moves (Global Economy)
Around the world with the Biz Kids! Join us and you'll follow the flow of imports and exports that make up the interconnected world economy. You will discover who makes the many things we use every day that come from all over the world. You'll also see how several entrepreneurs have made a success of their businesses, despite the pressures of the world economy.

Bulls, Bears, and Financial Markets
Kids and bulls and bears, oh my! The Biz Kids examine stocks, bonds, commodities, and the markets where each of them are traded. You will discover various ways young people can get involved with the transactions, aim for profit, and avoid risk. Meet some successful entrepreneurs along the way.

Learning from Failure
Have you ever made a decision you regret? Let the Biz Kids show you how several well-known companies overcame failures. You'll also discover how mistakes can make you stronger by looking at the work of Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and the kid businesses of "You're on Deck" custom cards and "Big Quill Enterprises" oyster sales.

Tools For Kids

Tools For Teachers

Activities for Kids

Tools for Entrepreneurs

Visit the BizKids$ website to download a sample Business Plan, learn about business marketing, or download the BizKid$ Community Service Toolkit.

Biz Kid$ offers free curriculum materials for every episode! Here is a sample of what you can find:

  • Biz Kid$ Basics - a collection of materials related to budgeting, savings,credit and taxes.

  • Finding a Career - a review of the basics of interviewing and an exploration of jobs throughout several industries and fields.

  • Credit vs Debt - an exploration of credit scores and tips for avoiding debt.

  • Plus More!

This program is sponsored locally by the SIU Credit Union:

The SIU Credit Union is committed to improving the financial literacy of students throughout our region. They engage young people through their Bailey Bobcat Youth Accounts, financial literacy courses taught in area schools, and a Googolplex website designed specifically for children. The SIU Credit Union works to instill financial education from an early age.

WSIU Public Television provides over 80 hours per week of trusted PBS KIDS programming that feeds young minds, sparks their imaginations, and inspires a love for learning. Biz Kid$ provides the skills and tools young people need to succeed in a global economy. Together with the SIU Credit Union, WSIU has developed a powerful financial literacy campaign designed to teach students about the role of money in achieving lifelong goals.