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If you are experiencing difficulty receving WSIU Public Broadcasting, please fill out this form.

WSIU DT viewers need to rescan their digital televisions and digital set-top boxes to receive WSIU DT programming.

WSIU Public Television has ceased transmission on all analog transmitters. In order to receive programming from WSIU Public Television, you must have a digital television or digital set-top converter box.


Why the Switch?

In the mid-1990s, Congress determined that broadcast stations must transition from analog to digital television broadcasting and return their analog spectrum to the FCC. In 2006, Congress set February 17, 2009 June 12, 2009 as the official date for conversion from analog to digital. This pivotal change has been mandated for several key reasons.

First, converting to DTV will release much-needed broadcast spectrum for public safety and other uses.

Second, DTV is more efficient and reliable than analog television, offering vastly improved and more reliable picture and sound quality.

Third, DTV uses far less bandwidth, so stations can "multicast," or, provide multiple channels of different programming using the same amount of space.

Online Resources is where you can apply for a converter box coupon. Converter boxes allow you to receive a digital television (DT) broadcast and view it on your existing analog television.

There are many converter boxes available under the TV Converter Box Coupon Program. The FCC has recently issued a Consumer Advisory which lists 32 converter boxes and their features to help you decide which converter box is right for you.


WSIU DTV Switch Info Sheet is the official Federal Communications Commision (FCC) digital television web site. Here you can find consumer information, rules, regulations, and government publications. There's even an online quiz for becoming a DTV Deputy. is the official web site of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). This site presents a concise overview of all aspects of the digital television transition.


WSIU DTV Switch Info is presented by the Digital Television Transition Coalition and has information and resources to help ensure that you're prepared for the digital TV transition and continue to receive free broadcast television in the digital age.


For More Information

For questions about digital television conversion and signal reception,
contact Darryl Moses at (618) 453-6191.

For questions about WSIU's digital channel lineup or TV programming,
contact Trina Thomas at (618) 453-6169.

You may also send us an email by clicking here.

Download the WSIU DTV info sheet (PDF) Link to the site Link to the web site Link to the DTV Answers web site Link to the DTV Transition web site

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