Times are tough and we need YOUR help!
Help secure the future of WSIU!

What's At Risk?

    •   Student mentorship opportunities
    •   Locally produced TV programs
    •   Local newscasts and features
    •   Community engagement activities

What You Can Do To Help

Membership dollars are the most reliable source of funding for public broadcasting. If you're not a member, join today. If you're already a member, help us save time and money by signing up for EFT deductions. Call (618) 453-4287 for more information on transitioning from a credit/debit card to EFT.

Learn about the changes coming to public broadcasting in our region based on gaps in state and university funding.

If you have concerns about cuts to WSIU's funding, make sure your voice is heard! Write a letter, call, or email your state legislators and SIU leadership and share with them how important WSIU Public Broadcasting is to you and your community. Your voice can make a difference.


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Times are tough in Illinois and many organizations are feeling the strain from the ongoing budget stalemate. Considering the dramatic decline in funding for non-profits and other organizations like WSIU, we are counting on local businesses and viewers and listeners like YOU to help us fill in the gaps.

Membership dollars are the most reliable source of funding for public broadcasters. WSIU depends on YOUR financial support to continue bringing you the thought-provoking and insightful programming WSIU, PBS and NPR are known for.


2014 Funding Sources for WSIU Public Broadcasting

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Traditionally, universities have played a role in supporting educational stations like WSIU, and over the years, community support was added to the mix, creating the proverbial “three-legged-stool” that supports public broadcasting to this day.
WSIU is a quintessential example of this type of partnership. WSIU’s $3.5-million in operating funds are derived from three primary sources: your gifts (local viewers/listeners and program underwriters), The Corporation for Public Broadcasting - CPB (federal), and SIU (state), in nearly equal parts.

If we are to continue our mission of service,
we must grow WSIU!

We must grow in a manner that is sustainable and responsible,
while holding true to our commitment to serve our audiences with unparalleled content and services that enhance our communities.

Your Advocacy Has Never Been More Important.

WSIU provides professional development opportunities for 100 SIU students • Employs 30 staff members • Provides service to the 40 southernmost counties of Illinois • Provides service to portions of Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, and even Tennessee • Broadcasts over 1,000 hours of local programming • Devotes 53 hours each week to educational children's programming on WSIU 8.1 • Maintains partnerships with 10,000 teachers, students & families across five states.

WSIU: Training the Future Broadcasters of America

Beyond the Broadcast

While WSIU is proud of our mission to broadcast engaging programming, we also aim to be a strategic partner in the region. We are proud to play a role in our great community! We work with local families, educators and students as well as governmental and community partners to improve the quality of life in our region and beyond. Learn more in our Community Impact Report.

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How You Can Support WSIU

  • Become a sustaining member. Membership dollars are the
    most reliable source of funding to support public
    broadcasting in our region.
  • Volunteer your time.
  • Include WSIU in your estate planning.
  • Take Action. Visit protectmypublicmedia.org to take a stand
     for the stations and programs you love.

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