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ABOUT THE PROJECT: Indie Lens Pop-Up is a media project that brings people together for film screenings and community-driven conversations. The project, which features documentaries seen on PBS's Independent Lens, draws local residents, leaders and organizations together to discuss what matters most - from newsworthy topics to family, relationships, and more.

Film screening in our region will be held at the Carbondale Public Library and/or The Cape Girardeau Public Library. Most screenings are scheduled for Saturdays @ 2:30pm throughout the year. Check back frequently for an updated list of screening dates.

Upcoming Film Screening:
Sat, October 15 @ 2:30pm at The Carbondale Public Library

Best of Enemies

ABOUT THE FILM: Best of Enemies explores the legendary nationally televised debates in 1968 between two great public intellectuals, Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley. Their belligerent disputes defined a new era of public discourse in the media, the moment TV’s political ambition shifted from narrative to spectacle. DISCUSSION: Members of the award-winning SIU Debate Team, Arielle Stephenson and Zach Moss, will make connections between the historic debates depicted in the film and our local experiences during this election season.

All events are FREE and open to the public.

2015-2016 Film Screening Line-Up:

Autism In Love

In Football We Trust The Black Panthers Peace Officer

Autism in Love by Matt Fuller
- November 2015

Finding love can be hard enough for anyone, but for those with an autism spectrum disorder, the challenges may seem overwhelming. The disorder can jeopardize the core characteristics of a successful relationship — communication and social interaction. Filmed in a highly personal style, Matt Fuller’s Autism in Love offers a warm and stereotype-shattering look at four people as they pursue and manage romantic relationships. Learn more about the film.

In Football We Trust
by Tony Vainukka & Erika Cohn - January 2016

In Football We Trust intimately follows four Polynesian high school football players in Utah struggling to overcome gang violence, family pressures, and poverty as they enter the high stakes world of college recruiting and the promise of pro sports. The odds may be stacked against them, but they’ll never stop fighting for a better future. Discussion moderators for the local screening were Bryan Lee, Football Coach at Carbondale Community High School, and Kathy Renfro, Director of the Carbondale Park District.  Learn more about the film.

black panthersThe Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution by Stanley Nelson - February 2016

A new revolutionary culture emerged in the turbulent 1960s, and the Black Panther Party was at the vanguard. Weaving together a treasure trove of rare footage with the voices of a diverse group of people who were there, Stanley Nelson tells the vibrant story of a pivotal movement that feels timely all over again. Learn more about the film.

Peace Officer by Scott Christopherson and Brad Barber -  April 2016

The increasingly tense relationship between law enforcement and the public is seen through the eyes of someone who's been on both sides: a former sheriff who established Utah's first SWAT team, only to see the same unit kill his son-in-law in a controversial standoff 30 years later. Now a private investigator, Dub seeks the truth in this case and other officer-involved shootings. Learn more about this film.

Questions about Indie Lens Pop-Up screenings at the Carbondale Public Library may be directed to (618) 457-0345.
Call (618) 453-5595 for questions about the programs, outreach activities or resources associated with the films.