WSIU InFocus turns the spotlight on the unique people, places, events, and issues important to southern Illinois.

WSIU InFocus explores the interesting stories and people of southern Illinois and the surrounding region. The series examines a variety of topics which include: arts and education, family and community, regional history, cultural identity, and news and public affairs.

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Farm Tour; Iris Martinez | Thu, Jan. 21 @ 9:30pm
(repeats 1/22 @ 5pm; 1/24 @ 1:30pm)

Learn about sustainable agriculture and innovation in local food production as we tour Mulberry Hill Farm on Springer Ridge Road in rural Carbondale. Owner Tom Grant, who is working towards organic certification, discusses his plans for the farm, his efforts to improve the soil on his acreage, and the importance of providing healthy food for local consumption while building the local economy. We also talk with an employee of Farmer Brown's Production Company in Pomona, the only USDA organic-certified farm in Southern Illinois, and Deborah Cavanaugh-Grant, an Extension Specialist in Small Farm and Sustainable Agriculture for University of Illinois Extension, who helps to coordinate farm tours around the state. In the second segment, Democratic Illinois State Senator Iris Martinez discusses the changing role of Latinos in the Illinois General Assembly.

WSIU InFocus HIghlights:

Honor & Sacrifice | Watch Online
The Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge near Marion, Illinois draws over one million visitors a year for hunting, fishing, recreation, and environmental education. During World War II, the Refuge was home to a sprawling complex of ammunition factories known as the Illinois Ordnance Plant.


Southern Illinois Craft Brew Industry/Arbor Day at SIU/Train Crossing Safety
| Watch Online
Southern Illinois Craft Brew Industry, Arbor Day at SIU, Train Crossing Safety. A revealing look at the current popularity of the craft brewing industry in Southern Illinois, brewing with foraged ingredients and the canning process. SIU celebrates Arbor Day by planting trees around campus with the help of volunteers. Local law officials do a detail exercise to help educate drivers on how to cross train intersections safety.

Traveling Vietnam Wall/Storm Shelters/Canning Hard Apple Cider/Classroom Tech
| Watch Online
Hear the stories from veterans and the community at an 80% replica of the Vietnam Wall that traveled to SIU and was visited by thousands of people. An illustrated look at the construction of above ground storm shelters made in Salem, IL. Owl Creek Winery utilizes a portable canning company to package its hard apple cider for distribution. Herrin, IL incorporates using iPads and other new technology in the classrooms to educate young students.

Women's Leadership Conf./Fishing Expedition/Scratch Brewing Co./James & the Giant Peach
Thu, Oct. 15 @ 9:30pm
| Watch Online
An uplifting look at SIU's women's leadership conference focusing on the women who want to work in STEM fields. A heartening adventure to the 30th annual fishing expedition for special needs populations in Southern Illinois and why the event attracts over 1000 people for the day of fun. Scratch brewing company makes craft beers by foraging in the woods for fresh native ingredients to give their brews a taste of Southern Illinois. A behind the scenes look at the construction of the set for the McLeod Summer Play House performance of James and the Giant Peach, a play intended for young audiences.

musicMarion Art Student/Southern Illinois Music Fest/Holiday Craft Sale/ Robot Battle
| Watch Online

(repeats 10/23 @ 5pm; 10/25 @ 1:30pm)
A Marion art student earns national exposure and awards for his work in the classroom. We go to the rehearsal for the Southern Illinois Music Fest Opera Gala with their theme of Great Russian Masters. SIU's holiday art and craft sale reaches its 36th year. We go to the artist to see how they prepare their artwork for this yearly tradition. Students put their brains and skills to the test and compete in the First Tech Challenge Battle Robots Competition.

tattooSIH Cancer Institute/Pinckneyville Community Hospital/St Nicholas Brewing/Tattoos in the Workplace | Watch Online
The SIH Cancer Institute opens their new facility in Carterville to provide local care for patients to stay close to home for their treatments. A look at the construction and completion of Pinckneyville's new hospital, St. Nicholas Brewing Co. in DuQuoin renovates a hotel that's over a century old turning it into a restaurant and micro brewery. A fascinating look at how tattoos are viewed in the work place and the acceptance of them in today's culture.

Wilderness Family/Charter Oak School/Tomato Cages |
Watch Online
Segment 1, introduces us to the Hamiltons: husband Bob, wife Elena, and son, Timothy - who live in a solar-powered home deep in the Lusk Creek Wilderness Area. The Hamiltons are savvy digital media users who have found a way to bridge the gap between primitive living and technology. In Segment 2, we travel to a octagon-shaped one-room schoolhouse in Schuline, Illinois. Today, the Charter Oak School is one of only three octagonal schoolhouses in the United States still in existence. After the school closed in 1954, it was neglected for years until the Randolph County Historical Society purchased and restored the unique structure. In Segment 3, Margie Rehagan, manager of Plantscape Nursery in Herrin, Illinois, shares how staking and caging the roots and stems of your tomato plants during early growth can keep them strong and healthy.


About the Hosts:


George Norwood

George Norwood is an Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois, a position he has held since 1998. Since October 2005, Professor Norwood has served as co-host.


Roz Rice

Roz Rice has a background in media/promotions and currently serves as a spokeswoman for the Southern Illinois Healthcare system. Since October 2005, Rice has served as co-host .