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WSIU InFocus turns the spotlight on the unique people, places, events, and issues important to southern Illinois.

WSIU InFocus explores the interesting stories and people of southern Illinois and the surrounding region. The series examines a variety of topics which include: arts and education, family and community, regional history, cultural identity, and news and public affairs.

Thu @ 9:30pm, Fri @ 5pm & Sun @ 1:30pm on WSIU 8.1

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Spencer Meagher / Carillon / Breakfast Hash
WSIU HD 8.1 | Thu, July 30 @ 9pm (repeats 7/31 @ 5pm & 8/2 @ 1:30pm)

Segment 1: InFocus visited the home studio of Southern Illinois watercolor artist, Spencer Meagher, to view his original paintings and to explore the inspiration behind his work. Meagher enjoys using vivid color and shadow to express his view of the world. Meagher, who also teaches painting workshops, says he is always seeking new ways to improve his craft.

Segement 2: Did you know one of the world's largest carillons, a musical instrument consisting of various melodic bells, can be found in Centralia, Illinois? We travel to Centralia to talk with Carlo Van Ulft, carillonist and director of the Centralia Carillon, and to witness a demonstration of the lovely sounds the instruments sends throughout the city.

Segement 3: Finally, Chef Lasse Sorensen creates a tasty single-serving breakfast hash using leftover steak and potatoes, asparagus, fresh mushrooms, and onion, which he tops with a fried egg.

About the Hosts:


George Norwood

George Norwood is an Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois, a position he has held since 1998. Since October 2005, Professor Norwood has served as co-host.


Roz Rice

Roz Rice has a background in media/promotions and currently serves as a spokeswoman for the Southern Illinois Healthcare system. Since October 2005, Rice has served as co-host .