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WSIU InFocus Turns The Spotlight On Our Unique Region

WSIU InFocus turns the spotlight on the unique people, places, events, and issues important to southern Illinois. Co-hosted by George Norwood and Roz Rice, the half-hour program explores the interesting stories and people of southern Illinois and the surrounding region. The series examines a variety of topics which include: arts and education, family and community, regional history, cultural identity, and news and public affairs.


Thu, Feb 26 @ 9:30pm - WSIU 8.1
(2/27 @ 5pm & 3/1 @ 1:30pm)

Depression-Era Art

Depression-era art is abundant throughout America. In this new episode, we introduce you to some fascinating examples that can be found right here in southern Illinois. First, we meet Mary Emma Thompson of Westfield, Illinois who has spent her retirement years chronicling Depression era art for Illinois Post Offices. WSIU's Jak Tichenor also profiles a 13-foot tall Totem Pole that was designed as part of a Civilian Conservation Corps program targeted toward Native craftsmen.

Programming Note: WSIU InFocus episode #821: Former U.S. Senator Alan Dixon was preempted by Gov. Rauner's Budget Address.

Catch a repeat of episode #821 on WSIU WORLD.

Former U.S. Senator Alan Dixon:
Sunday, March 1 @ 6:30pm

From his beginnings as a 21-year old police magistrate in his hometown of Belleville, Ill. to his two terms in the United States Senate, Alan J. Dixon became one of the Prairie State's most popular elected officials in more than four decades of public service. The St. Clair County Democrat also served in the Illinois House and Senate, and also served as the State Treasurer and Secretary of State, earning a reputation as one of his party's top vote-getters. Dixon joins host Jak Tichenor for a discussion of his new book “The Gentleman from Illinois: Stories from Forty years of Elective Public Service.” The Southern Illinois University Press published the book.

About the Hosts:

George Norwood

George Norwood is an Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois, a position he has held since 1998. Since October 2005, Professor Norwood has served as co-host of InFocus.


Roz Rice

Roz Rice has a background in media and promotions and currently serves as a spokeswoman for the Southern Illinois Healthcare system. Since October 2005, Rice has served as co-host of InFocus.