KEVIN Boucher Presents:

The WSIU Almanac
& The Acoustic Nature Hour

The WSIU Almanac combines daily national news reports as well as current and historical stories about southern Illinois and the surrounding region. The Acoustic Nature Hour combines acoustic guitar music with the sounds of and stories about the outdoors.

WSIU Radio welcomes Kevin Boucher, as the new WSIU Radio Community Engagement Producer and host of The WSIU Almanac and the Acoustic Nature Hour.

Each episode of The WSIU Almanac is designed to create awareness about events happening around the region and to give a voice to groups and individuals who are working to better their communities and the environment.


The WSIU Almanac airs twice a day, Monday through Friday, on
WSIU Radio and is a combination of daily national news reports & local and historical community pieces.

Recent guests include Patty Cosgrove, a Carbondale Toys for Tots Coordinator, who discussed the volunteer group’s annual holiday toy drive.

In addition to The WSIU Almanac, Boucher also hosts Acoustic Nature Hour which airs Sundays at 2am & 10pm on WSIU Radio and Sundays at 5am on WSIU HD2.
The one-hour program combines acoustic guitar music with the sounds of nature and stories of nature experiences as told by hikers, campers, and others who love spending time in the beautiful natural areas of southern Illinois.

Boucher also produces other nature-related segments for WSIU Radio, including a recent story about winter birds featuring Laraine Wright of the Southern Illinois Audubon Society.


Boucher was born in Newport, Rhode Island to a military family and spent time around the Washington, D.C. area. Interestingly, his passion for nature began not far from our nation’s capitol – Theodore Roosevelt Island – where he saw his first snake and snapping turtle. The family traveled around the world for his father’s career, including living in Japan, before they settled in Murphysboro, Illinois in 1976. Boucher fell in love with the natural beauty of southern Illinois and said he favors it over all the places he lived during his time as a young world traveler.

Boucher earned a Bachelor’s degree in Radio-Television from SIU Carbondale and worked as a disc jockey before joining the WSIU-TV staff in 1995 as the TV Traffic Manager. During his tenure at WSIU, he decided to complete a Master’s Degree in Professional Media Studies. As part of his thesis project, he created a 15-minute radio documentary entitled Sounds and Stories of the Shawnee Forest, which took him into the woods with a microphone to record nature and interview people about their outdoor experiences. “When it comes to nature, I never want to stop learning,” says Boucher, citing his curiosity and his passion for the outdoors and media as excellent motivators.

When asked about specific goals in his new role at WSIU Radio, Boucher said he hopes to inspire people to take time for nature and to learn something new, even if it takes them outside of their comfort zone. “I want to encourage people to take time from their busy lives to get out in nature and to experience all the benefits it has to offer,” he says. He also wants to encourage people not to let their age prevent them from pursuing a different path in life. “I was 51-years-old when I earned my Master’s degree!” he says. “You’re never too old to learn.”

In his spare time, Boucher enjoys being with family, honing his photography skills, and naturally, exploring the abundant and diverse wildlife and plant life around Campus Lake, and in the region’s many parks and wild natural areas. If you’d like to contact Boucher with story or segment ideas, contact him via email or call (618) 453-4348.

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