When:    Sat, April 22, 2017 from 1-4pm
(rain or shine)

Where:   Cedarhurst Center for the Arts

                   (2600 Richview Road in Mt. Vernon, Illinois)

Join WSIU and your favorite PBS KIDS characters for a FREE event focusing on science, space and the universe! Families with children of all ages will enjoy this deep dive into space exploration ahead of the upcoming solar eclipse over Southern Illinois!

Parking Information: Parking is available at Cedarhurst (2600 Richview Road), and at United Methodist Children’s Home (2023 Richview Road), adjacent to Cedarhurst.




  • MEET PBS KIDS CHARACTERS – Enjoy photo opportunities at our selfie station with PBS KIDS walkabout characters Jet Propulsion from Ready, Jet, Go, Word Girl, and Nature Cat.

  • SIU PHYSICS DEPT. SOLAR OBSERVATION – Learn how telescopes work and enjoy solar observations with Bob Baer, Scott Ishman and the SIU Physics Department.

  • SOLAR SYSTEM CLAY MODELS – Put the universe into perspective with clay models of the solar system.

  • STARLAB PLANETARIUM - Explore the StarLab Planetarium, courtesy of the Murphysboro School District. Journey into outer space via this inflatable planetarium and learn to identify the planets and constellations.
    Note: This activity runs for 20 minutes and can hold 38 persons at a time. For children ages 5 and up. No shoes will be permitted inside of the inflatable planetarium.

  • STARRY CONSTELLATION – Help us re-create the universe using pinholes boards and flashlights.

  • SPACE BOOKS - All families will receive a free book and other giveaways after completing an event survey.

  • OTHER ACTIVITIES – Enjoy various art activities related to the solar system and universe.



Special guests include the Planetary Society's Mat Kaplan, host of Planetary Radio, heard each week on WSIU Radio and other public stations across North America. Kaplan will lead a demonstration about space exploration. Guests will also enjoy a special outer space-themed music activity lead by local children’s music leader Bill Harper.

For more information, contact WSIU Public Broadcasting at
(618) 453-4344 or Cedarhurst Center for the Arts at (618) 242-1236.

Disclaimer: Parents should be aware, photography & video taping will occur during this event.