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To increase and facilitate knowledge using technology for teachers and positively effect student learning in the classroom.
Our objective is to make available to educators, user-friendly professional development online courses that integrate technology in a collegial atmosphere using PBS TeacherLine's asynchronous learning.


WSIU is a PBS TeacherLine station. PBS TeacherLine is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. PBS TeacherLine offers high quality, standards-based graduate-level courses for K-12 teachers. PBS TeacherLine provides online professional development through facilitated courses that meet national and local standards, supportive and collaborative learning communities and exemplary Internet-based resources.

PBS TeacherLine currently offers over 145 courses in the areas of reading, language arts, instructional technology, science, mathematics and instructional strategies. Please browse our website to find out additional information about PBS TeacherLine. Teachers who complete PBS TeacherLine courses are eligible for continuing education professional development credits and graduate credit.

PBS TeacherLine, an accredited professional development program, helps teachers acquire the skills they need to prepare students for a successful future. We are pleased to offer this service to teachers in the Southern Illinois area.

Each PBS TeacherLine course is run over a six week period of time and takes between 15-30 hours to complete. The courses take place online with a facilitator in charge of the material and discussions. The class consists of 10 to 25 fellow educators from around your area, the state or even the nation.

The PBS TeacherLine course catalog has over 90 courses to choose from and any course may be requested by a district. For more information about this or any of these courses please call 618-453-1399.

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