Program Underwriters

WSIU audiences understand and appreciate quality, they value services that they can trust, and they are loyal to underwriters who provide essential community support for public broadcasting.

Underwriting WSIU has many benefits...

• Your message reaches an affluent, educated audience with abundant resources.
• Your message is not lost in a barrage of commercials.
• Your message is associated with one of the most trusted, intelligent, prestigious institutions
   in America.
• Underwriting on WSIU is a local investment that benefits our communities

WSIU TV and Radio Underwriters

To learn how your business can reach the WSIU audience through program underwriting, contact
Ellen Carlson by phone (618) 453-6196. You may also visit our business support webpages for more information about how you can support WSIU while reaching a captive television and radio audience.


 Cedarhurst Center for the Arts
Mt. Vernon, IL | 618.242.1236
WSIU Radio & Television
Artistic Photography by Sydney
Herrin, IL | 618.889.7154
WSIU Television

City of Olney
Olney, IL | 618.395.7302
WSIU Radio & Television

HerrinFesta Italiana
Herrin, IL
WSIU Radio

Luther F. Carlson
Four Rivers Center
Paducah, KY | 270.450.4444
WSIU Radio & Television

SIU Department of Theater,
McLeod Theater
Carbondale, IL | 618.453.3001
WSIU Radio

SIU School of Music
SI Symphony Orchestra
Carbondale, IL | 618.536.8742
WSIU Radio

Southeast Missouri State
University River Campus
Cape Girardeau, MO | 573.651.2846
WSIU Television

The Stage Company
Carbondale, IL | 618.549.5466
WSIU Radio

The Velvet Hammer
Cobden, IL | 618.893.2216
WSIU Radio

University Museum, SIU
Carbondale, IL | 618.453.5388
WSIU Radio

Marion Cultural and
Civic Center

Marion, IL | 618.997.4030
WSIU Television


Marion Subaru
Marion, IL | 800.746.7869
WSIU Radio & Television
 Vogler Lincoln
Carbondale, IL | 618.457.8135
WSIU Television

 Civic Organizations

 Carbondale Tourism
Carbondale, IL | 618.529.4451
WSIU Radio
Keep Carbondale Beautiful
Carbondale, IL | 618.525.5525
WSIU Radio
Friends of Morris LIbrary
Carbondale, IL | 618.453.2522
WSIU Television

 Design, Construction & Maintenance

F-W-S Countertops
Carbondale, IL | 618.457.2326
WSIU Radio & Television
Voss Heating and Air
Murphysboro, IL | 618.684.6959
WSIU Radio
Wright Do-It Centers
Murphysboro & Sparta, IL | 618.687.1702
WSIU Radio

 Education & Research

 Illinois Eastern
Community Colleges
Fairfield, Olney, Mt. Vernon, Robinson, IL 618.393.2982
WSIU Television
SIU School of Law
Carbondale, IL | 618.536.7711
WSIU Radio

Events Planning & Facilities

 Investments, Insurance & Finance

Blanks Insurance
Olney, IL | 618.393.2195
WSIU Television
Farm Credit of Illinois
Effingham, Red Bud, Harrisburg, Highland, Lawrenceville, Mahomet, Mt. Vernon, IL 800.444.FARM
WSIU Radio & Television
First Southern Bank
Carbondale, Murphysboro, IL
618.549.3621 | 618.549.4802
WSIU Radio

Forbes Financial Group
Carbondale, IL | 618.529.1940
WSIU Radio & Television
Murray Patterson
Financial Group

Carbondale, IL | 618.529.2727
WSIU Television
Scott McClatchey, Alliance Investment Planning Group
Carbondale, IL | 866.267.2591
WSIU Radio

 SIU Credit Union
Carbondale, Energy, Marion & Metropolis, IL
 | 800.449.7301
WSIU Radio & Television
 Legal Services

Hafford Elder Law
Marion, IL
WSIU Radio
Mathis, Marifian & Richter
Belleville, Nashville & Edwardsville, IL
and St. Louis, MO | 618.234.9800
WSIU Radio

Media & Communication

Megabytes Technology Service
Centralia, Salem, IL | 618.548.2959
WSIU Radio

 Medical, Health & Fitness

Budslick Counseling &
Carbondale, IL | 618.457.4890
WSIU Radio
Dr. Joseph Hudgins Orthodontics
Carbondale, Carterville & Marion, IL
WSIU Radio 
Dr. Tim Loughran Dentistry
Herrin, IL | 618.988.8130
WSIU Radio

Dr. Zahoor Makhdoom, So.
Illinois G.I. Specialists
Carbondale, IL | 618.549.8006
WSIU Radio & Television
Rassik Complete Recovery
Carbondale, IL | 618.490-1045
WSIU Radio
Saint Francis Medical Center
Cape Girardeau, MO | 573.331.3000
WSIU Television

Senior Lifestyle
Olney, IL | 618.388.3765
WSIU Television
Shawnee Health Services
Carbondale, Carterville, Marion & Murphysboro, IL | 618.985.8221
WSIU Radio
SIU Clinical Center
Carbondale, IL | 618.453.2361
WSIU Radio

Southeast Health
Cape Girardeau, MO | 573.334.4822
WSIU Television
Southern Illinois Healthcare
Carbondale, IL | 866.744.2468
WSIU Radio


 Cristaudo's Cafe, Catering
and Bakery
Carbondale, IL | 618.529.4303
WSIU Radio
Harbaugh's CafeĀŽ
Carbondale, IL | 618.351.9897
WSIU Radio
Hedman Vineyard
Alto Pass, IL | 618.893.4923
WSIU Radio

Louie's P&R
Herrin, IL | 618.942.3394
WSIU Radio

Specialty Stores & Services

Arnold's Market
Carbondale, IL | 618.529.5191
WSIU Radio
B and A Travel
Globus family of brands
Carbondale, IL | 618.549.7347
WSIU Television
 Etcetera Flowers,
Fine Gifts & Gourmet
Marion, IL | 618.997.9411
WSIU Radio & Television

Electrical Dectives
Energy, IL | 618.988.8731
WSIU Radio
Hutson's Fine Furniture and
Cape Girardeau, MO | 573.334.6251
WSIU Television
 Neighborhood Coop Grocery
Carbondale, IL | 618.529.3533
WSIU Radio

 Mattingly Piano Service
Cambria, IL | 618.534.0289
WSIU Radio
Pheasant Hollow Winery
Whittington, IL | 618.629.2302
WSIU Radio & Television
 Southern Recycling Center
Carbondale, IL | 618.549.2880
WSIU Radio

The HUB Recreation Center
Marion, IL | 618.997.2482
WSIU Television
 The UPS Store
Carbondale, IL | 618.529.6245
WSIU Radio

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