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WSIU Public Broadcasting Volunteer Opportunities

Why Volunteer for WSIU Public Broadcasting?

  • Support public broadcasting
  • Meet others who share your passion for public broadcasting
  • Receive training and gain new skills

To find out how you can help WSIU Public Broadcasing through volunteering, click the areas that interest you below

WSIU Radio

Operations Assistants and Production Assistants assist Mike Zelten and Lisa Morrisette-Zapp in the day-to-day operations of WSIU Radio. Volunteering in these areas can lead to paid student work positions if you are a full-time SIUC student. You may also be eligible to earn an independent study credit in the Radio-Television department. See the Radio-Television adviser for details.

WSIU Radio - Volunteer Board Operator

Board operators run FM programming over the air for the station on the master control board using a variety of audio equipment, including a digital automation system. They monitor the on-air sound, take transmitter meter readings, and handle any severe weather. It's like being a radio disc jockey without all the on-air work. You would be trained on all the equipment that it takes to run the station. No experience at all is necessary. Volunteers do at least one shift a week and the shift can last anywhere from one hour to four hours. Shifts are available during all times of the week and day. It's a lot of fun to be in control of a radio station, and it's great resume experience if you ever wanted to work in broadcasting, or wanted a second job. Board operators are needed at all radio stations. If you are interested in this type of work, please contact Lisa Morrissette-Zapf at this form.

WSIU Radio - Operations Assistants

Responsibilities include assisting the operations manager in making sure all programs being fed over the content depot distribution system come down and are checked on a weekly/daily basis. They also do some digital editing and computer automation work. The schedule for this type of work is variable, depending on when you are available will determine what you would be responsible for. Operations assistants may also be responsible for assisting with remote recordings at different venues as needed. If you are interested in this type of work, please contact Lisa Morrissette-Zapf at this form.

WSIU Radio - Production Assistants

Do light voice/production work, or help in the recording of some of our locally produced shows. Duties may include writing, voicing, and producing a variety of local promos, underwriter announcements, etc. To ensure on-air sound quality an audition is necessary for the selection of production assistants who do on-air work. Production assistants may also help in remote recordings at different venues. If you are interested in this type of work, please contact Lisa Morrissette-Zapf at this form.

WSIU Radio - Library Assistants

Linda Brandon (549-3169) is in charge of the record library. She may be looking for someone to assist in keeping the library in order. We also need people to assist in entering music CDs into the new database. Please contact her or Lisa Morrissette-Zapf at this form if you are interested in this area.

WSIU Radio - SIRIS Reader

The Southern Illinois Radio Information Service (SIRIS) is staffed by volunteers who read and record regional newspapers daily Monday through Friday. These recordings are broadcast for the blind and print impaired on a side band of our station. SIRIS is located at 1003 S. Oakland. Contact Vickie Devenport via this email form or for more information, call 453-2808.

WSIU Radio - Pledge Phones

We of course need pledge phone volunteers to help out during our pledge drives, answering phones and taking pledges from members of WSIU FM. The person to contact for this area is Susan Patrick. Please contact her via this form or call 453-6184

WSIU Television

WSIU Television - Post Production

Post production is responsible for the editing of Programs, Promos, and other content aired on WSIU TV. Non-linear equipment includes Final Cut Pro editing system working with Beta and DVCam videotape decks, After Effects, Photoshop, and other computer software used in Non-Linear editing. Interested individuals must be dedicated, hardworking, willing to learn new things, and most of all show up for work. This is an excellent opportunity to get valuable hands on experience at a real working television station and build your resume reel. For additional information, contact Steve North via this form.

WSIU Television - Production Crew

You can become part of the WSIU TV Production Crew to volunteer in various capacities from camera operator to floor director to audio mixer. Productions are scheduled at various times throughout the week in our studio - and occasionally at remote locations. For additional information, contact Mark Wetstein via this form.

WSIU Television - Master Control Operator

The Master Control Operator (MCO) is in charge of making sure that the right programming material is put on the air at the right time. The MCO is responsible for (among other things) displayin programming our primary (and soon our two additional) television streams, performing quality control on recorded programs and the operation of broadcast equipment such as videotape machines, character generators and traffic controllers. For additional information, contact Jim Eagelston via this form.