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Super Tuesday Voters Around The Country Explain Their Picks


It's a day of decision for Democratic voters in 14 states today. Voters are choosing who they want to be their presidential nominee this fall.

UNIDENTIFIED VOTER #1: I voted for Joseph Biden because I don't think Bernie Sanders is electable because he is too far left.

UNIDENTIFIED VOTER #2: I voted for Michael Bloomberg 'cause I thought he was the most qualified person. He's got a record like nobody else. Nobody can compare.

UNIDENTIFIED VOTER #3: I voted for Bernie, honestly, because it's cool to have a candidate that we truly believe in, you know?

UNIDENTIFIED VOTER #4: I voted for Warren. It's not just because she's a woman, but it's also just values that she stands for. I think she kind of fights for everybody. I think she's relentless. Like, she just - she'll keep going, and I love that about her.

UNIDENTIFIED VOTER #5: Biden - I wasn't sure about him until South Carolina. It was a toss-up for me. I just really want to get Trump out of office. That's my main thing. I mean, he's caused so much damage to the United States now, and I can imagine him being there another four years. We have to get him out of office.

KELLY: Voters in Texas, Tennessee, Utah and Virginia on this Super Tuesday at the polls. We heard there from Terry Cooper, Shree Naidoo Raikatalu, Mark Pairitz, Reid Barton and Eliza Hitz. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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