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1993 cold case gets new life through advanced technology

Ina Jane Doe Image
Carl Koppelman
An updated image of Ina Jane Doe

Advanced technology is spurring new efforts to identify a 1993 murder victim in southern Illinois.

On January 27,1993, in Jefferson County, the decapitated head of a presumed white woman was discovered on the side of a wooded roadway within Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department says the victim, estimated to have been 30-50 years old at the time of her death, had likely died 2-3 days prior to the discovery of the body. She had long, reddish hair and a pin-shaped mole in her left ear. She’d had extensive dental work, including a silver point filling, and she had possibly worn braces at some point. She may have experienced issues with her neck.

Recently, local authorities pursued new avenues of identification for "Ina Jane Doe," including anthropological re-analysis, DNA sequencing and forensic genetic genealogy.

Anyone with information about this female’s identification and/or this investigation please contact Detective Captain Bobby Wallace at the Sheriff’s Office (618)244-8004 or Crimestoppers at (618)242-TIPS.

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