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Quevedo & Bizarrap, 'Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52'

There has been much written about The Club as an elusive locus of debauchery, excess and, ostensibly, sex. But lately, it feels as if the song-well from which we gave voice to those cringe-filled, crazy nights, has gone dry. Long gone are the days of eschewing responsibilities and taking to the dance floor in pursuit of making out and making the best memories. Going out used to be fun, we say, before we became hungover from our adult responsibilities, a raging pandemic, the weight of the world, etc.

In Bizarrap's 52nd Music Session, The Club is alive and still swelling with possibility — one beat drop after another. Maybe it's Spanish rapper Quevedo's yearning baritone, or Bizarrap's meticulous production that distinguishes "Session #52" from its club-hit contemporaries. The track follows those magical moments in the club, but in this summer of longing, it promises a reprieve from that very loss and the fantastic possibility that they — the night, the person — will never leave.

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Vita Dadoo
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