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Wed, Nov. 23 at 7pm - Tutankhamun: Allies & Enemies

Dr. Yasmin El Shazly and Dr. Mostafa Waziri
Courtesy of Soura Films
PBS Pressroom
Dr. Yasmin El Shazly and Dr. Mostafa Waziri

This film marks the 100th anniversary of the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb and is a journey of exploration for Egyptian co-hosts Yasmin El Shazly and Mahmoud Rashad into the mysteries and unanswered questions about the boy king's life, his infamous father’s religious revolution, and those advising him as he takes the throne in one of the most tumultuous periods of Egyptian history.

Episode 1 | Wed, Nov. 23 at 7pm
Episode 1 commemorates the centennial of King Tut's tomb opening by exploring the mysteries of his life and burial. Egyptologist Dr. Yasmin El Shazly and Photographer Mahmoud Rashad meet with historians and scientists to inspect historical inconsistencies.

Episode 2 | Wed, Nov. 23 at 8pm
Episode 2 uncovers further mysteries behind King Tut's life and burial. Egyptologist Dr. Yasmin El Shazly and Photographer Mahmoud Rashad continue their journey, seeking to answer some of the historical inconsistencies surrounding this great civilization.

Tune in Wed, Nov. 23 at 7pm and 8pm for episodes one and two on the WSIU stations: WSIU 8.1, WUSI 16.1, WSEC 14.1, WQEC 27.1 and WMEC 22.2 or access the WSIU local broadcast livestream online at pbs.org or via the PBS Video app. Get extended access to this program and more with WSIU Passport.

About the Program
Produced and shot on location by an all-Egyptian crew led by filmmaker and executive producer Hossam Aboul-Magd, Tutankhamun: Allies & Enemies goes beyond examining Tut’s tomb and treasures. The film aims to share the Egyptian pharaoh’s story from his point of view and unpacks the short-lived human existence of the “Boy King.” Lead archaeologist Dr. Yasmin El Shazly and photographer Mahmoud Rashad explore Egypt and the Americas, meeting with historians, archaeologists and scientists to inspect historical inconsistencies and delve into secrets surrounding Tut’s childhood and family.

Using drone footage and computed tomography science (CT scans), the program takes a closer look at King Tut’s burial. The Egyptian team led by Dr. El Shazly gives viewers special access to newly discovered tombs that shed light on new theories about the politics and intrigue of this dramatic period of seismic change in Egyptian history. Journeying across Egypt from Cairo to Luxor, the film provides an in-depth exploration pursuing answers about King Tut, the powers and people that impacted his life and death, and the legacy his reign left behind.

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