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Skrillex, Fred again.. & Flowdan, 'Rumble'

"Rumble" is a dark, dubstep-infused collaboration by Skrillex, rising U.K. electronic producer Fred again.. and grime MC Flowdan. Although "Rumble" stands at just two and a half minutes long, the song fiercely bites with an insistent, stuttering beat, paired alongside Flowdan's distinctly deep flow. "Yo, listen, you hear that? / Killеrs in the jungle," he raps with a snarl, contrasting with the pitched-up voice (singer Elley Duhé's) that carries the song's bridge. "Rumble" pommels forward throughout — expertly leading the listener to a precipice before punching heavy.

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Teresa Xie
Teresa Xie is a reporter who specializes in media and culture writing. She recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied political science and cinema. Outside of NPR, her work can be found in Pitchfork, Vox, Teen Vogue, Bloomberg, Stereogum and other outlets.
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