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The Biden administration is seeking billions in additional funding for Ukraine

President Joe Biden arrives on Air Force One at Roland R. Wright International Guard Base in Salt Lake City on Wednesday.
Alex Brandon
President Joe Biden arrives on Air Force One at Roland R. Wright International Guard Base in Salt Lake City on Wednesday.

The Biden administration is asking Congress to approve $40 billion in emergency funding, including $24 billion for Ukraine as part of security, economic and humanitarian assistance for the country as it defends its borders against a Russian invasion.

The money is being broken down into three tranches. Ukraine, disaster relief and border security.

Funding for Ukraine includes $9.5 billion for equipment and to replenish Defense Department equipment already in the country; $7.3 billion for economic humanitarian and security assistance; and $200 million to counter Wagner group and other Russian actors in Africa.

The request also includes money for the southern border with Mexico. It includes more than $3 billion targeted for border and migration, including $2.2 billion for shelter and services for migrants released from DHS custody, and nearly $800 million to reduce the influx of fentanyl and counter its impact on public health; and $59 million for immigration judges and other immigration-court needs.

It also includes $12 billion for FEMA to address the ongoing response to wildfires and other natural disasters.

The funding request for Ukraine could set up a showdown with Congress, where far-right Republicans as well as the left of the Democratic Party are skeptical of additional funding for the conflict.

In a statement, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York said there was "strong bipartisan support in the Senate for doing more to help our fellow citizens impacted by natural disasters, fight the scourge of fentanyl and support our partners in Ukraine."

"We hope to join with our Republican colleagues this fall to avert an unnecessary government shutdown and fund this critical emergency supplemental request," Schumer said.

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