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Inside The Blanket Fort - Episode 142

Inside the Blanket Fort
SIU Press
SIU Press
Inside The Blanket Fort - Episode 142 (9/7/23)

Journey back Inside The Blanket Fort as we continue our theme of “Back to School with SIU Press” with more of the interview with Carl Walworth and Glenn Poshard, the authors of Son of Southern Illinois: Glenn Poshard’s Life in Politics and Education.

US Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois says, “Southern Illinois is in Glenn Poshard’s DNA. My friend and former colleague, Glenn made a life of politics and public service: soldier, state senator, congressman, candidate for governor and president of Southern Illinois University. Every step of the way he was faithful to his values and his heritage even at the cost of popular support. More than any person I know, Glenn Poshard has given a life of commitment to the families of Southern Illinois. When the political mapmakers carved up this unique part of our state, he refused to be any part of dividing the land of his birth. Now at a time when our nation is so bitterly divided, Glenn Poshard showed us that you can be true to your beliefs and still be respectful of your political adversaries. The voters even when they disagreed with him knew he was an honest, caring man in a world desperately searching for public servants to believe in. He and his wife Jo continue their lifelong commitment to those who need a helping hand with their Poshard Foundation for Children.”

In this segment, Dr. Poshard talks about topics touched on in the book that he might want to expand on in the future.

Mandi is the author of six published novels, two short fiction collections, and numerous short stories. She earned her BA and MFA in creative writing from SIU.
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