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Inside The Blanket Fort - Episode 158

Inside the Blanket Fort
SIU Press
SIU Press
Inside The Blanket Fort - Episode 158

Journey back Inside The Blanket Fort as we continue our look at our “New Year, New in Paperback” from SIU Press.

This week, we’ll finish up the paperback releases from Spring 2023 and look back even further to Fall 2022.

Bringing together an assortment of home front topics from a variety of fresh perspectives, Union Heartland: The Midwestern Home Front during the Civil War, edited by Ginette Aley and J.L. Anderson with a foreword by William C. Davis, offers a view of the Civil War that is distinctly Midwestern.

In 1947, America’s premier philosopher, educator, and public intellectual, John Dewey, lost his last manuscript on modern philosophy in the back of a taxicab. Now, Dewey’s fresh and unpretentious take on the history and theory of knowledge is finally available. Editor Phillip Deen has taken on the task of editing Dewey’s unfinished work, carefully compiling the fragments and multiple drafts of each chapter that he discovered in the folders of the Dewey Papers at the Special Collections Research Center at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. In Unmodern Philosophy and Modern Philosophy, Dewey argues that modern philosophy is anything but; instead, it retains the baggage of outdated and misguided philosophical traditions and dualisms carried forward from Greek and medieval traditions.

Finally, in the thought-provoking Lincoln and Reconstruction, from SIU Press’s Concise Lincoln Library series, John C. Rodrigue offers a succinct but significant survey of Lincoln’s wartime reconstruction initiatives while providing a fresh interpretation of the president’s plans for postwar America.

Mandi is the Publications Editor for SIU Press. She is also the author of six published novels, two short fiction collections, and numerous short stories. She earned her BA and MFA in creative writing from SIU , and during her MFA studies, she worked as a producer, senior editor, and voice actor for the first season of Blanket Fort Radio Theater, A Knight of Another Sort.
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