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New programs coming to WSIU-FM

New programs and schedule changes are coming to WSIU-FM starting on Saturday, July 6.

Saturdays at 2pm

Left, Right & Center takes on all the political issues -- even the complicated ones that might divide your own family. Provocative, up-to-the-minute, alive and witty, Left, Right, & Center is a weekly discussion of politics, policy and popular culture. This weekly "love-hate relationship of the air" features the most insightful news analysts anywhere.

Sundays at 11am

The People’s Pharmacy - Count on us to keep you abreast of significant health information - months, years or even decades before mainstream medicine. We dig deep into the medical literature to see what the research reveals about actual benefits, side effects and potential interactions of medications. Long before endocrine disruptors, celiac disease and generic drug quality problems were headline news, our listeners and readers were already well informed. Going beyond the medicine cabinet with a community of like-minded health seekers. More and more people are quickly becoming aware of the idea that sometimes a doctor visit is not the only (or sometimes even the best) option for dealing with common health issues. Our expertise with home remedies and dietary supplements is simply unparalleled, and we have written thousands of articles and more than a dozen books on these topics. Leading researchers regularly come to The People’s Pharmacy to shed light on the science behind alternative medicine. You have come to the right place to take control of your health!

Sundays at 6am

Open to Debate - Open to Debate is a call to action: All of us should keep an open mind to solve the complex problems we face as individuals and as a nation. Open to Debate is a reminder: To solve our greatest problems, we must operate in a contempt-free zone. We need to be able to sit in the same room and exchange ideas with people we disagree with. Being open to debate is a gesture of respect for the good faith arguments of those we disagree with, for the intelligence and integrity of those who watch or listen, and for the value of debate done right. Open to Debate is a duty: The future of American Democracy depends on the strength of communities to work together and overcome our differences. “Us vs. Them” thinking is destructive to our social fabric, and we need a national model to guide debates to a healthy and free exchange of ideas. At Open to Debate, our mission is to restore critical thinking, facts, reason, and civility to America’s public square. Open to Debate is a platform for intellectually curious and open-minded people to engage with others holding opposing views on complex issues.



10:00 am – NEW TIME: Bulls Eye

11:00 am to 1:00pm – NEW TIME: American Routes

1:00 pm – NEW TIME: This American Life

2:00 pm – Left, Right, & Center


6:00 am – Open to Debate

10:00 am – Fresh Air Weekend

11:00 am – The People’s Pharmacy

7:00 pm – NEW TIME: Rhythm in Bloom encore

8:00 pm - NEW TIME: Woodsongs encore

9:00 pm to 11:00pm – NEW TIME: Mountain Stage encore

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