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Makanda Broadwalk Saw a Busy Weekend

The eclipse is over and Southern Illinois is saying goodbye to the thousands of visitors that joined us for the eclipse.

Southern Illinois welcomed many visitors over the weekend for the eclipse.

Makanda has been on the radar for everyone because it saw the longest totality of any place across the country.

So naturally a lot of people traveled through this town.

Frank Wright with the Rainmaker Studio sums it up rather well.

“Busy, very very busy, just a continuous line.”

They were so busy the sold out of their solar pendants and were trying to put a few more together Monday morning.

“They went over great, we’re just putting a few stones in some of the ones we got left and trying to get them polished up.”

Wright says they were a little surprise at the turnout.

“We didn’t know what to expect, in 7 years we’ll be stocked up for the next one.”

A few doors down at The Makanda Trading Company Brian Beverly was pleased with the turnout.

“I was worried about the influx of like big crowds, but no its been a steady flow, its been really nice, business has been good its kind of like one of our festivals maybe a little bigger than one of our festivals.”

As the crowds started looking up, Beverly is starting to feel a little relief.

“Now I’m actually getting excited for the eclipse I just want to see what happens, I think I need to go buy a pair of glasses really quick.”

Makanda will be at the cross roads again in 7 years on April 8 2024 for the next total solar eclipse.

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