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Celtic Connections offers radio listeners a wide variety of traditional and contemporary music associated with the western European lands occupied at one time or another by people of the Celtic tribes and their descendants, including Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, and Galicia, as well as Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and other parts of North America where the Celtic influence has been felt. 

Bryan Crowe

Friends & Listeners of Celtic Connections:

It is with great sadness that WSIU Radio announces the passing of Dr. Bryan Kelso Crow, host of Celtic Connections. Bryan passed away Sunday, Sept. 29, 2019 following a prolonged fight with lung cancer. He was 66.

We can’t begin to describe his loss, but we celebrate his life and his dedication to his family, to his students at Southern Illinois University, to his friends and to all of the listeners of Celtic Connections. Bryan shared his passion with us and the rest of the country each week for nearly 30-years - it was a labor of love. The show, that Bryan created, first aired locally on WSIU in 1991. Celtic Connections was later syndicated and now appears on more than 100 radio stations in 20 states and has a listenership of about 13-million people. The program has always been available to radio stations for free.

This fall, Celtic Connections will feature Bryan’s final new studio program that was recorded earlier this summer. It will air nationally beginning October 10, 2019 (October 12th and 13th locally) featuring special guest Kyle Carey. In honor of Bryan’s legacy, we will finish the calendar year with The Best of Celtic Connections. Bryan personally selected the shows that he wanted to share with listeners following his death.

Thank you for your dedication and support of Celtic Connections!

As Bryan was fond of saying – "I wish you All the Best!"


Looking for a program playlist? Find this season's playlist or archived playlists on the playlist page.



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