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About the Program

Celtic Connections began in 1991 as a local program hosted by Bryan Kelso Crow and produced in the studios of WSIU Radio in Carbondale, Illinois for broadcast across southern and east central Illinois and northwestern Kentucky. Since its inception, there has been an explosion of world-wide interest in and awareness of Celtic music, matched by a huge increase in the number of recordings. As the program matured, musician/host Crow took advantage of opportunities to interview Celtic musicians and to record entire concerts for later broadcast. In July, 1996, Celtic Connections became syndicated nationally.

Crow regularly receives e-mail from Celtic music fans around the country as the popularity of Celtic Connections has grown.In 1998, Celtic Connections was honored by the placement of four episodes into the permanent archives of the Ethnic Radio Collection of the Museum of Television and Radio in New York. The programs, all produced in 1998, are "The 1798 Uprising in Song," "The Scotch-Irish People and Their Music," "Celtic Americans," and "New Releases." They are available for listening in the Library Reference room of the Museum at 25 West 52 Street, NYC. Celtic Connections features music derived from the Celtic culture wherever it has been transplanted around the globe, from the Celtic Isles to the New World and beyond. Host Bryan Kelso Crow’s academic career and his passion for Celtic history give an unusual depth to Celtic Connections, as does his experience and connections as a Celtic musician performing as a member of The Dorians.

Celtic Connections is produced in the studios of WSIU Radio, Carbondale, Illinois and is syndicated to stations worldwide. The program is available to public and commercial radio stations.

Become an Underwriter

You may reach Celtic Connections' national radio audience for less than the investment in local print advertising.

Underwriting packages start at $1,200.00 and include several fifteen-second underwriting credits. Underwriting packages for non-profit organizations start at $600.00. All scripts must meet FCC requirements and are subject to approval of WSIU station management. All arrangements can be made via fax, phone, or email. Contracts and scripts must be finalized no later than 10 business days prior to the first underwriting air date.

To introduce your business or Celtic event to millions of interested listeners, simply email Brian Flath, Assistant Director of Corporate Support, or you may call WSIU at (618) 453-4344 for more information.

Talent Requests

Celtic Connections host, Bryan Kelso Crow may be available to participate in your community event or speakers panel! If you are interested in submitting a talent request, please email Bryan at bcrow@siu.edu and include the following information:

  • Your name and contact info
  • Event date and location, plus any additional background on the event and/or organization
  • Required role of Talent (itinerary)
  • Expected number of attendees
  • Admission price and honorarium