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Molly of Denali
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PBS NewsHour Special Coverage: The Impeachment Hearings
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PBS NewsHour Special Coverage: The Impeachment Hearings
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Taste of Malaysia With Martin Yan
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My Greek Table With Diane Kochilas
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Steven Raichlen's Project Fire
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Kevin Belton's New Orleans Celebrations
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The Woodwright's Shop
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Welcome to to the Celtic Connections press kit page.

All print materials in the press kit, such as the series fact sheet, host bio, and sample press release, are saved as pdf files. Photos are saved as press-quality (300 dpi) jpg files, while all Celtic Connections logos are saved, on one oversized page, as Adobe Illustrator eps files - both CS6 and CS3 versions.

Please review the "Read Me" files provided with our Celtic Connections logo sheet and host photos. If you have any questions about the materials provided or need copies of logos or photos in a different format, please contact Monica Tichenor, WSIU Public Information & Promotions Coordinator, phone at (618) 453-6160 or via email.