Community Cinema - October 2017

In October 2017, WSIU partnered with the Southern Illinois Immigrants Rights Project for a special presentation of the series Homeland: Immigration in America - Enforcement which was screened at The Liberty Theater in Murphysboro, IL.

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Attitudes about immigration enforcement have been rapidly changing, with the stricter reform passed in Arizona, and the Obama administration’s recent policy change granting worker visas to young migrants, there is much debate about how to police a complex national policy in close communities. Homeland’s episode “Enforcement” illustrates the lengthy process of attaining citizenship legally, the inconsistencies in the legal system, and policemen who have to choose between enforcing the law and building trust with documented and undocumented immigrants in integrated communities. Learn more about the film at Watch additional segments from the series.

We encourage guests to stick around after the film to participate in a community discussion surrounding the film. The group discussion will be led by moderator Cindy Buys, Professor of Law and Director of International Law Programs at the SIU School of Law.


The third episode of the documentary Homeland, focused on the enforcement of immigration laws and policies in rural communities. It was screened at the Liberty Theater in Murphysboro in October 2017.

The film event attracted a diverse group of approximately 50 people. After the screening, the group participated in a discussion that addressed complex and local issues pertaining to immigration lead by Cindy Buys, Professor of Law and Director of International Law Programs at the SIU School of Law.

People also shared their thoughts on the discussion and screening and informed us on how they plan to take action in their own communities after watching the film.


Southern Illinois Immigrant Rights Project
SIU School of Law.


FEEDBACK"Very helpful. The discussion was more detailed and up to date than the documentary."
FEEDBACK"..helped me better understand current law and the history & procedures of immigration.”
FEEDBACK“A lot of current details and local elements came out in the discussion that the film did not address."

FEEDBACK“I plan on writing legislators and working on a political campaign.”
FEEDBACK“I’ve talked, and will continue to talk with County Board members regarding immigration.”

Photos: Giovanni Galindo.
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