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Day Sponsorship

Celebrate a special person or event in your life with a WSIU Day Sponsorship! For a donation of $240 or more, you can select a day to have your special message air on WSIU Radio or on WSIU TV. Day Sponsor messages can be lighthearted and fun or heartwarming and inspiring. It’s up to you!

Celebrate a special person or event with a donation of $240 or more. Select a day and compose a short script for us to share on the air, broadcasting your message to the entire WSIU listening audience.

Submit Your Message

Already made your gift and just need to send us your day sponsor message? Submit message to

If you need to update or change your message or a pronunciation, get in touch with our team at or call 618-453-6184.

Day Sponsorship Policies

We appreciate your support of WSIU; below are guidelines for constructing your Day Sponsor message.

  • Day Sponsor messages do not automatically renew on an annual basis. You must get in touch every year if you wish to maintain a specific date for a Day Sponsorship.
  • Please indicate a first and second choice date. We will make every effort to honor your first choice.
  • WSIU Radio Day Sponsor messages will air 6-times between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm on your selected date.
  • WSIU TV Day Sponsor messages will air 6-times between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm on your selected date.
  • Day Sponsorship requests must be received by WSIU at least two weeks in advance of air date.
  • In a few words, indicate the person or event being honored and a brief statement of the reason. WSIU reserves the right to alter wording for consistency and length. Note that the purpose of the Day Sponsors message is to acknowledge special events or people, not business advertising or the expression of ideological, theological or political opinions. Web addresses, e-mail addresses, and/or telephone numbers cannot be included in Day Sponsorship messages.
  • No anonymous Day Sponsorships are accepted. We must broadcast the name of the person(s), and their city, associated with the Day Sponsorship.
  • No Day Sponsorships from any political campaign are accepted, under any circumstances. No political messages will be accepted from individuals or organizations, under any circumstances.
  • Messages cannot contain Calls to Action. They may not invite or request listeners to take any action (such as attending an event or visiting a website).
  • You will receive an email confirmation of your date and message about ten days prior to your selected date.
  • Please help us with any unusual pronunciations by providing us with a rhyming word (i.e. "Nina" rhymes with "China").'

For more information, please call 618-453-6184 or email us at