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Centerstone is offering trainings on race and trauma

Continuing education credits will be offered for the seminar, for those in the medical field.

Centerstone is hosting a series of seminars to help understand racism.

The seminars are designed to help people understand the way racism is built into our society and to lead to open and honest conversation about racial division and the trauma that racism causes.

Jeremy Allen, a PhD student in sociology at SIU, who is leading the trainings, said he believes this is information everyone needs to learn.

"[It's] something that's important, it's something that's timely, we are struggling as a country with race relations in general. I mean, you're looking at the Rittenhouse trial beginning, you're looking at the trial of the killers of Ahmaud Arbery beginning, and you know, there are overtones of racism attached to that, so if people can develop this understanding, and then you know, to provide a forum in which people can ask genuine questions," he said.

The next seminar will be held on Zoom on November 11th at 10 am. Anyone who is interested can register for the seminar on Centerstone's website.

Steph Whiteside is a Digital Media News Specialist with WSIU radio in Carbondale, Ill. She previously worked as a general reporter at AJ+ and Current TV.
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