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Studies show nearly half the workforce is "Quiet Quitting" at work

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Businesses are challenged to recruit and retain quality workers after the pandemic disrupted the world.

It’s estimated that almost half of the US workforce is “quiet quitting” which means they’re in a state of not being actively engaged or actively disengaged.

They basically do the bare minimum of work and don’t go above and beyond.

Gregory A. Lee Professor of Management Steven Karau (Ka-row) says part of the reason for this is people want a better work and family life balance and are resisting the hustle culture.

“Some employers are always wanting to be connected, even when you're at home, you know, feeling calls and emails and texts or expected to work outside of the assigned hours, so it's kind of a resistance against that. And people say, no, I'm just going to do my expectations and I'm refusing to do more.”

Karau says this trend started mid-2021 when businesses were reopened and needed workers to return to in-person work.

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