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ICCB Povides Funding To Reduce Cost Of High School Equivalency Test

GED Test
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GED Test

The Illinois Community College Board is helping Illinoisans earn their high school equivalency.

The Illinois Community College Board has re-purposed funding to help reduce the cost of testing for residents taking a high school equivalency test, like the GED.

ICCB provided over $500,000 to cover more than 60% of the fees.

Executive Director Brian Durham says this program is meant to help the 1.4 million residents that don’t have a high school diploma.

“This is really an exciting program, it’s something that we have put together so that we can support students and help folks reach their goals during what is obviously a very tough time in the midst of a pandemic.”

The grant will discount about 25,000 test before the funds run out.

Illinois has two licensed vendors administering the dozens of testing sites throughout the state.

The discount code for the GEDis ILSAVE20 or call 1-855-My-HiSET to schedule a test a HiSET test.

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