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The mission of WSIU Public Broadcasting is rooted in education. WSIU makes a difference in people's lives through its educational programs and activities. Below are recent examples of how WSIU's education services impact students and teachers in our area each and every day.

Educational Services Video Playlist:

    • Intro to Kindergarten - Kinderclub
    • In My Neighborhood - Herrin Elementary School
    • Fizzy's Lunch Lab - Boys and Girls Club of 
    • Expanding Your Horizons - Girls in STEM
    • Raising Readers: SuperWhy Camp
    • The Electric Company Circuit Tour
    • WSIU's Mobile Learning Lab
    • Raising Readers - Robbie Koen
    • Wonderreel Content Preview in Southern Illinois    
    • WSIU Plum Landing
    • Ready-to-Learn: Family Involvement
    • Ready-to-Learn: Methods to Reach
    • Ready-to-Learn: Proven Teaching Methods

    • Ready-to-Learn Workshop
    • SciGirls 2
    • The Trees Across America Project
    • Dr. Christopher Koch - American Graduate Champion
    • Learning Technology - Luken's Story
    • Ready-to-Learn: Transmedia Demonstration
    • Ready-to-Learn: Learning Technology - A Principal's Story
    • Odd Report 1 - Triangles
    • Ready-to-Learn: Odd Report 2 - Counting
    • Ready-to-Learn: Odd report 3 - Squares
    • WSIU Family Day 2017 - PBS Kids Star Party


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Intro to Kindergarten - Kinderclub:
Intro to Kindergarten is a video meant to prepare youngsters for their first school experience. Developed by the Ready To Learn outreach team at WSIU, this video features children and staff from North Side Primary Center in Herrin, Illinois.

In My Neighborhood:

Herrin fourth graders learn about childrens author and illustrator Ezra Jack Keats.

Fizzy’s Lunch Lab:
Members of the Boys and Girls Club of Carbondale learn to count, graph, and add with PBS KIDS online resources.

Expanding Your Horizons:
Girls in junior high and high school work to create dance pads that sound a buzzer and flash lights.

Raising Readers - Valerie Barko:
Valerie Barko tells us about a Raising Readers camp organized by WSIU Public Broadcasting.

The Electric Company Circuit Tour:
Shock descended upon southern Illinois to promote literacy.

Neighborhood of Make-Believe:
More than 700 people celebrated with Daniel Tiger and nursery characters during WSIU’s Neighborhood of Make-Believe event.

WSIU’s Mobile Learning Lab:
SIU student intern Bianca Jenkins leads a mobile learning project using PBS KIDS games to help children acquire math, science skills.

Martha Speaks Reading Buddies:
Local teachers describe their classroom implementation of an innovative vocabulary-building program.

Raising Readers - Robbie Koen:
Robbie Koen discusses the positive impact WSIU Public Broadcasting has on her community.

PBS Teacherline - Keely R. Gelso:
Keely R. Gelso describes her experiences taking the online Raising Readers course from PBS TeacherLine.

Wonderreel Content Preview in S.I.:

Students ages 7 - 11 in southern Illinois previewed a group of high quality international children's programs -- the Wonderreel!

WSIU Plum Landing:
Plum Landing is an environmental science project that helps children ages 6-9 develop a love for and a connection to the Earth.

Ready To Learn: Methods That Reach Children:
In this video, WSIU and local child care community members use the power of television to teach new skills. The Learning Triangle, a PBS KIDS Ready To Learn teaching model featuring Read-View-Do, is explained by members of the Illinois Migrant Council and Child Care Resource & Referral.

Ready To Learn: Proven Teaching Methods:
Robbie Koen and teachers in the Southern Seven Head Start program learn new and exciting ways to reach children during a teacher workshop offered through WSIU's Ready To Learn service.

Ready To Learn: Teacher Workshops and Family Involvement:

Early childhood educators participate in WSIU's Ready To Learn training workshop to help empower parents and create positive impacts in high-poverty communities.

SciGirls 2:
Carterville middle school girls and female mentors from Southern Illinois University work though issues of barriers and competition in the STEM disciplines. The girls get inspiration and an informal science education framework for learning through PBS KIDS SciGirls programming.

Trees Across America:
The Boys and Girls Club of Carbondale take a hike at Giant City State Park and learn about trees, rocks, and insects as part of a PBS KIDS Go! nature exploration grant project.

Dr. Christopher Koch - American Graduate Champion
Christopher Koch, former Illinois’ state superintendent of education, has spearheaded an effort to improve the training of school principals and implemented a statewide teaching performance standard.


  More Resources for Educators

PBS Learning Media

Illinois PBS LearningMedia is a dynamic platform offering the best of public media content and is produced specifically for teachers. With free access to over 22,000 high-quality resources tied to national standards, teachers can download, save and share exactly what you need for an inspired classroom experience. Learn More

PBS Teacherline

WSIU is a PBS TeacherLine station, and we are pleased to offer area educators an accredited professional development program which helps teachers acquire the skills they need to prepare students for a successful future. Choose from over 145 courses in the areas of Reading, Language Arts, Science, Mathematics and Instructional Strategies. Get Involved.