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Illinois gives the invasive Asian Carp a makeover

Asian Carp - Delivered Fish
Alex Garcia
(Photo by Alex Garcia)

The invasive Asian Carp is getting a new name and make over.

The State of Illinois unveiled “Copi” as the new name for Asian Carp.

The redesign is to address the public misconceptions about the fish that are overrunning waterways in the Midwest and to increase consumption.

The name is short for copious because of their population, size and health benefits.

IDNR Assistant Chief of Fisheries Kevin Irons says they might not be able to eradicate the fish, but the public can help reduce their numbers.

“Harvest can prevent the spread and as one of the strongest tools, we have to reduce populations of Asian carp in areas where they are dominate, harvest can inevitably lower densities and populations of these carp in the Illinois River, as much as 70% of the biomass or weight of fish are invasive Asian carp.”

This is not the first time renaming a fish increased its popularity, Orange Roughy was known as Slimehead fish.

For more information on recipes, restaurant and market locations visit choosecopi.com.

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