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Saying "So Long," as WSIU's Kevin Boucher retires

Kevin Boucher

For more than 25 years, Kevin Boucher has been an integral part of WSIU

Today's a bittersweet day for us here, as we're saying "so long" to one of our own. Kevin Boucher is retiring - and we're so happy for him - but at the same time, we're sad to see him go.

Kevin's career at WSIU spans nearly 30 years - some if it working in WSIU Television, some for Radio - but always with an enthusiasm and joy that are both inspiring and contagious.

No matter the topic, Kevin has been happy to jump in, learn more, and share what he's found with the WSIU audience. He's also headed up our Southern Illinois Radio Information Service for many years - coordinating volunteers, editing submissions, and making sure the blind and visually impaired are served across our area.

The job means long hours - Kevin is always up early, ready to tackle the day. And he's still doing just that as the sun slips beyond the horizon. Many times, he's in the field watching one of those sunsets.

Kevin was a critical part of WSIU - and SIU's 2017 Total Solar Eclipse event. He partnered with the likes of NASA and other organizations to help host the viewing in Saluki Stadium - and was our go-to person for all things leading up to the eclipse.

Kevin's favorite place to be is out in nature - and you can bet when he's out, he's probably got a microphone or a camera in his hand. He loves sharing what he's seeing and experiencing with others.

One of his most popular segments involved a tour with local historian Mark Motsinger, exploring mysterious stone walls that are sometimes hard to find.

Kevin's tour - and dozens if not hundreds of others like it - helped our audience see and hear what is literally right before them here in southern Illinois - and he took it even further with specials like the Accoustic Nature Hour.

So in the coming days and weeks, you may catch a glimpse of Kevin as he's spending even more time outdoors. He'll more than likely meet you with a big smile and a boisterous hello!... and perhaps a few questions about what you've been seeing or doing outside.

Congratulations, Kevin - we'll miss you here and can't wait to see what's next for you!

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