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SIH to start interviews for RN Residency Program in March

nurse with patient
Benjy Jeffords
Whitney Meade is an RN Resident at Herrin Hospital in the same day department.

SIH is accepting applications for their RN Residency Program to help graduating nurses transition to their profession.

For more than fifteen years SIH has provided a path for newly graduating nurses to more easily transition into their new career.

The RN Residency Program supports new hires for their first twelve months on the job and offers professional mentorship, evidence based learning, and guidance with an experienced professional.

SIH Herrin Hospital Nurse Executive Samantha Melvin went through the program when she started fourteen years ago and says the first year of nursing can be overwhelming.

“This is an opportunity to give you that extra support, that mentorship, so that you are successful and you just you feel like you're part of that team.”

Whitney Meade started in the program four months ago and says during nursing school, there’s a lot of information to absorb.

“You're overwhelmed, you're trying to keep your head above water and whenever you get into this residency program, it's like they slow it down and focus in on the stuff that you're going to be dealing with hands on a daily basis. That's the kind of educational stuff that we go over.”

SIH will begin interviews for the program the second week of March.

For more information, visit RN Residencey Program at sih.net.

Benjy Jeffords is a digital media production specialist at WSIU Public Broadcasting located at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.
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