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State legislators and law enforcement discuss the impact of the Safe-T Act with business leaders

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Benjy Jeffords
Safe-T Act round table discussion with business leaders

State leaders and local law enforcement held a round table meeting to discuss business safety and the impact of the Safe-t Act once it becomes law next year.

In less than three months the Safe-t Act takes effect changing many laws in the criminal justice system in Illinois.

At a discussion with business leaders Wednesday morning State Senator Dale Fowler said he’s confident there will be more changes to it at the next session.

“I know we're going to be working hard for some repeals on the Safety Act, and we want to just ensure that the business climate is as well protected.”

A major part of the act is the no cash bail.

Williamson County Sheriff Elect Jeff Diedrich explained that if someone is trespassing the police can not remove them, only give them a citation, which could lead to bigger problems for the property owner.

“That has a propensity for people to take matters into their own hands. We have to be very, very careful with that because we don't want to have victims then become suspects and if things go too far, that's exactly what can happen.”

Marion Police Chief David Fitts stressed they already witnessed what happens when people are immediately let go after committing a crime.

“During COVID, we arrested one lady four times in the same night for the same offense. Four times.”

The Safety Act starts January first next year.

To read the full Safe-T Act Click here.

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