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62 state's attorneys suing to block the Safe-T Act issue a joint statement

A person's hands in handcuffs
niu niu/unsplash

A bi-partisan group of 62 State's Attorneys from across Illinois released a joint statement Monday on why they believe the Safe-T Act is unconstitutional and a serious threat to public safety.

They say the new law violates the constitutional requirement that all bills “shall be confined to a single subject” because it covers several unrelated subjects; it unconstitutionally eliminated cash bail without a constitutional amendment; the Safe-T Act violates the separation of powers and it's unconstitutionally vague, since its terms cannot be reasonably understood by those mandated to follow them and are internally contradictory in many places.

The state's attorneys have filed a lawsuit requesting the Court to declare the law null and void. Oral arguments are scheduled for December 7 and they hope to have a ruling by December 15.

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