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Williamson County Looks to Recover Millions of Dollars


Williamson County is turning to a third party to help it collect 15 million dollars in debt from the past 20 years.
State's Attorney Brandon Zanotti says the county was looking to join a debt recovery program with the State Comptroller's office, but that went away after Judy Baar Topinka died in December 2014.

Monday, Zanotti announced Williamson County is working with a collection agency named Credit Collection Partners to recover as much of the money as possible. He says the money comes largely from unpaid traffic violations.
"So, people who just essentially, maybe got a speeding ticket, and never paid it and kind of fell off the map."

Zanotti says county officials were surprised to learn how much money they were owed.
"When we were looking at the comptroller's program, we were only going back approximately seven years then, and it was around seven million. So, when we extended it past, to the 20-year point, yeah, we were still kind of astounded that it was that much money."

With budgets as lean as they are now, Zanotti says this is money the county desperately needs.
"This is money that's going to go, not to just all the offices, but go to the Highway Department, go to other various programs and projects that's just going to help all of the citizens of the county."

Zanotti says anyone who knows they owe money to Williamson County, should come forward to pay it now, because it would save them money in the long run.
"Because under statute, Credit Collection Partners is allowed to take up to a 30% fee on top of the fine owed. So, it could be very beneficial."

Zanotti says because Credit Collection Partners tacks on a fee to the delinquent payer, taxpayers will not have to foot the bill to work with the agency.


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