Media Kit

Welcome to WSIU Public Broadcasting's online resource for media! Below, you'll find identifiers for our main units. Click on each image to download a zip file containing different configurations of the identifier.


WSIU Radio

WSIU Television



WSIU Main Brand




  1. WSIU's family of logos – WSIU Public Broadcasting (main brand), WSIU TV, and WSIU Radio – cannot be redrawn, embellished, colorized, or altered in any way from their original format, other than resizing to fit available space.

  2. If a WSIU logo needs to resized, it must be done so proportionally, not stretched vertically or horizontally.

  3. WSIU's family of logos embed the PBS and NPR logos in co-branded lockups; the PBS and NPR logos cannot be removed from the WSIU brand for any purpose.

  4. When printing a WSIU logo, use only the camera-ready version provided by WSIU.
    Do not use a photocopy or fax copy of the WSIU logo.

Questions about the proper usage of the WSIU family of logos should be directed to
Monica Tichenor, Public Information & Promotions Coordinator, at (618) 453-6160.