Our Team

WSIU Staff Listing

Jak Tichenor, Interim Executive Director - 618.453.4344 (email)
Kevin Boucher, Radio Producer/ Community Engagement Producer - 618.453.4348 (email)
Susan Coloni, Office Manager - 618.453-4344 (email)
Mark Constable, Broadcast Engineer - 618.453.6194 (email)
Jim Eagelston, TV Master Control Supervisor - 618.453.6133 (email)
Brian Flath, Associate Director of Corporate Support - 618.453-4286 (email)
Jennifer Fuller, Associate Director of News & Public Affairs - 618.453.6245 (email)
Laura Anz, Account II - 618.453.4311 (email)
Abby Asher, TV Production Specialist - 618.453.5888 (email)
Benjy Jeffords, Digital Media Production Specialist - 618.453.6173 (email)
Connie Johnson, Associate Director of Finance & Administration - 618.453.4371 (email)
Darryl Moses, Associate Director of TV & Video Services - 618.453.6191 (email)
Steve North, TV Post-Production Supervisor - 618.453.6189 (email)
Mark Pace, Broadcasting Engineer - 618.453.6193 (email)
Brad Palmer, Radio News Producer - 618.453.6245 (email)
Juli Roznowski, IT Manager - 618.453.6174 (email)
Julia Schrader, Account Tech II - 618.453.6172 (email)
Beth Spezia, Outreach/Community Engagement & Education Services - 618.453.5595 (email)
Mark St. George, TV Production Specialist - 618.453.5887 (email)
Katrina Stackhouse, Assistant Director of Digital Services - 618.453.6258 (email)
JC Dart, Web Specialist II - 618.453.4287 (email)
Scott Washburn, Associate Director, Technology & Planning - 618.453.6175 (email)
Stephanie Whiteside, Health Reporter for the Illinois Newsroom - 618.453-2801 (email)
Jeff Williams, Radio Station General Manager / News & Public Affairs Director - 618.453.6170 (email)
Tracy Hauser, Assistant Director of Corporate Support - 618.453.6154 (email)
Larry Hunter, Associate Director of Development - 618.453.6196 (email)
Jeri Waldeck, Assistant Director of Corporate Support
Stephanie Cole, TV Program/Operations Coordinator (email)
Meredith Dumyahn, Media Writer/Producer/Announcer - 217.483.7887 (email)
Keith Lawson, Broadcast Engineer - 217.483.7887 (email)
Brian Marchand, TV Program/Operations Coordinator - 217.483.3301 (email)
Mark McDonald, Media Writer/Producer/Announcer - 217.483.7887 (email)
Scott Washburn, Associate Director of Technology & Planning - 217.483.7887 (email)

2018 Friends Board

Kristina Benson, DuQuoin
Andrea Brown, Marion
Carol Burns, Carbondale
Martha Cropper, Murphysboro (Secretary)
Jolene Falat, Murphysboro
Robin Haller, Carbondale (2nd Vice President)
Lane Hudgins, Murphysboro
Candis Isberner, Carbondale
Mary Ann Kellerman, Cape Girardeau

Sumera Mahkdoom, Carbondale
Ron Naversen, Makanda
Greg Petrowich, Carbondale (Ex-Officio)
Susie Phillips, Murphysboro
RJ Robertson, Jr., Murphysboro (1st Vice President)
Mike Ruiz, Herrin
Marleigh Stewart, Carbondale
Susan Tulis, Carbondale (President)
Mark Watson, Carbondale