your passport to the worldWe’re excited to introduce WSIU PASSPORT, an exclusive member benefit providing extended access to an on-demand library of quality public television programming.

Featuring programming from PBS, PBS KIDS and WSIU, WSIU PASSPORT allows members to watch episodes of their favorite programs anytime – whether at home or on the go!

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one-time contribution of $60 (or an ongoing pledge of $5 a month).


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The WSIU PASSPORT library currently offers members more than 1,000 episodes from popular shows like American Experience, American Masters, Antiques Roadshow, Nature, NOVA, and MASTERPIECE — including all five seasons of Downton Abbey and PBS’s newest drama – Victoria. In addition to these signature series, the library is full of public television’s acclaimed arts, science, history, and lifestyle programs. More shows are being added all the time!



WSIU PASSPORT is available on the pbs.org website and the PBS Video App for iOS and Android devices, tablets and on Smart TVs. Additional device platforms are coming soon. To find WSIU PASSPORT video content, simply look for the distinctive compass icon.


Q: How do I activate my WSIU PASSPORT benefit?
A: If you're already a member of WSIU Public Television at the $60+ level, then you are already eligible for WSIU PASSPORT. Contact us at (618) 453-6258 or fill out this form. If you're not a member at the $60+ level, then you can sign up for instant access here with your one-time gift of $60 or ongoing pledge of $5 a month. See video below for step-by-step instructions on how to activate your account.

Q: How do I sign in to WSIU PASSPORT?

A: Passport is not a site separate from PBS.org. To sign, please go to www.pbs.org and click ‘Sign In’ located in the upper left side of the page. You will sign in with your PBS Account. (There are options to sign in via Gmail or Facebook but it is not recommended. For best results, sign in using a PBS Account). Don’t have a PBS Account? No worries, you can create one here.

Q: What shows are available with WSIU PASSPORT?
A: The WSIU PASSPORT library currently offers members more than 1,000 episodes from popular shows and signature series. The library is full of public television’s acclaimed arts, science, history, and lifestyle programs with more shows being added all the time. Some series, like Great British Baking Show, for instance, have made all episodes of the currently season available to PASSPORT members. Learn more.

Q: How can I tell which videos are WSIU PASSPORT videos?
A: Passport videos are designated by a blue "compass rose" icon. Learn more.

Q: Can I search for WSIU PASSPORT videos only?
A: Yes. You can use the search filters on PBS.org to find Passport content. Learn more.

Q: How will I know when new videos have been added to WSIU PASSPORT?
A: Sign up for our bi-monthly Passport Newsletter to receive email updates about new programs that have been added to WSIU PASSPORT. Look for emails on the second and fourth Sundays of the month.

Q: If I do not have WSIU PASSPORT, will I still be able to watch shows on PBS.org and my station's site for free?
A: Yes. Free is not going away. Many of our shows are available for free on various digital platforms including PBS.org, our mobile applications, and the PBS channels on Roku, AppleTV and other streaming services. WSIU PASSPORT allows you extended access to some shows when their streaming rights have expired or they have otherwise become unavailable for general streaming.
Learn more.

Q: I believe I am already a member. How can I check?
A: To see if your WSIU PASSPORT membership has been activated, follow the instructions found on the PASSPORT look-up web page. Note: we provided access to all qualifying members earlier this year based on the email address we had on file. If you did not provide us with your email address, if you've changed your email address, or you longer use the address we have on file, you'll need to update your information via this form and we'll send an activation email to your preferred email address within 3-5 days.

Q: Activate Passport on my Roku device?

Q: Activate Passport on my Apple TV?

For more help with WSIU PASSPORT, visit PBS's Passport Support webpage
where you’ll find information about activating the service,
getting WSIU PASSPORT connected to your devices, and more.