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Inside The Blanket Fort - Episode 117

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Inside The Blanket Fort - episode 117 (3/9/23)

Journey back Inside The Blanket Fort this week as we continue our discussion with Donna D. McCreary, author of Mary Lincoln Demystified: Frequently Asked Questions about Abraham’s Wife. The book was inspired by the more than thirty years that McCreary spent portraying Mary Lincoln in live performances and lecturing about her.

During her performances as Mary Lincoln, McCreary fielded every imaginable question about the First Lady, but she could only answer the questions that Mary would have known the answers to during her lifetime. In this book, however, McCreary decided to include both the questions she would have answered during her performances as Mary and the questions she didn’t answer during her performances; questions such as “What happened to Mary’s family and her possessions after her death?” and “Are there any Lincoln descendants living today?”

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Amy Etcheson is the Interim Director of SIU Press at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL. She is the program host and co-creator of Inside The Blanket Fort radio program and podcast.