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Two Illinois Republicans Slam Trump for Comments on Women

Getty Images
Gov. Bruce Rauner (left) and U.S. Senator Mark Kirk

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is finally weighing in on specific comments made by Donald Trump.

Rauner has repeatedly been asked about the presidential campaign - and why he wouldn’t talk about it despite being the state’s top Republican.
He’s said virtually nothing about the race - or his party’s nominee.

Monday - speaking to Chicago reporters - Rauner did have something to say in response to the Access Hollywood tape in which Trump talks about kissing and groping women.

"The rhetoric, the language, the statements in that tape that’s recently come out: disgusting, appalling, outrageous. Beyond any reasonable bounds of decency."

Earlier in the campaign - Rauner said he’d support the Republican nominee.

But, Monday he pointed out that he hasn’t endorsed Trump for president.

Republican Illinois U.S. Senator Mark Kirk says he can still win re-election next month - even as he calls for his party’s presidential nominee to quit the race.


Kirk originally said he’d support the Republican Party’s nominee for president.

But over time - he’s criticized Donald Trump.

And Trump has criticized Kirk.

Speaking to WBEZ from his campaign bus - Kirk went beyond his normal criticism of Trump after the release of a 2005 Access Hollywood video in which Trump talks about kissing and groping women

"I think it reveals who he really is and we shouldn’t elect such a misogynistic candidate to the presidency."

Kirk says says he knows it’s risky politically to take the position he has, but he says just because his party nominated the wrong guy isn’t a reason to back him.

Kirk faces Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth in his reelection campaign.


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