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Election 2020: IL 116th House Race

WSIU partnered with The Southern Illinoisan newspaper to interview candidates ahead of the March 17 primary in Illinois. In this segment, we introduce the candidates in the 116th State House race.

All candidates were asked the same questions, and given up to 30 minutes for their interview. In the 116th State House race, there are three men running for the Republican nomination. State Representative Nathan Reitz, a Democrat from Steeleville, currently holds the seat.

Candidates for the Republican nomination are: David Friess, David Holder, and Kevin Schmidt.

1) Tell us about yourself, and why you're running.

  • David Friess:

  • David Holder:
    Holder 1

  • Kevin Schmidt:
    Schmidt 1

2) Your party will be developing its platform for the 2020 campaign over the coming months. What are your top priorities, and what makes your party stand out against the others? How does this translate on a state level?

  • David Friess:
    Friess 2

  • David Holder:
    Holder 2

  • Kevin Schmidt:
    Schmidt 2

3) What is the biggest need in your district, and how would you address it?

  • David Friess:
    Friess 3

  • David Holder:
    Holder 3

  • Kevin Schmidt:
    Schmidt 3

4) What would make you an effective lawmaker? Can you name one piece of legislation that you would sponsor that directly helps your district?

  • David Friess:
    Friess 4

  • David Holder:
    Holder 4

  • Kevin Schmidt:
    Schmidt 4

5) The budget has been a bigissue in the past few years in Springfield. What are your top three spending priorities, and what three things would you be willing to cut?

  • David Friess:
    Friess 5

  • David Holder:
    Holder 5

  • Kevin Schmidt:
    Schmidt 5

6) Education leaders say they've made big strides recently with new funding reforms, but many districts are now faced with a teaher shortage. How would you boost education, and give students the best possible opportunity for success?

  • David Friess:
    Friess 6

  • David Holder:

    Holder 6

    --Mr. Holder added this:

    Holder 6

  • Kevin Schmidt:
    Schmidt 6

7) Education remains a top prioirty - particularly when it comes to funding. What would you do to relieve the property tax burden, while still providing the necessary dollars to schools, cities, and other entities in your district?

  • David Friess:
    Friess 7

  • David Holder:
    Holder 7

  • Kevin Schmidt:
    Schmidt 7

8) Systems from law enforcement to healthcare are overwhelmed with the nation's opioid epidemic, and this region is still battling methamphetamine and other drug abuse. What should the state's drug policy look like, and how does the new legalization of recreational marijuana factor into that conversation?

  • David Friess:
    Friess 8

  • David Holder:
    Holder 8

  • Kevin Schmidt:
    Schmidt 8

9) Coal and manufacturing once dominated the economy of southern Illinois. What's the next big boom, and how will you help boost it?

  • David Friess:
    Friess 9

  • David Holder:
    Holder 9

  • Kevin Schmidt:
    Schmidt 9

If time permitted, the candidates were asked if there was anything else they'd like to add. Here are their answers:

  • David Friess: No additional comment
  • David Holder:
    Holder 10

  • Kevin Schmidt:
    Schmidt 10

Jennifer Fuller joined Capitol News Illinois in July 2023 as the organization’s broadcast director. She will oversee the launch and operations of CNI’s new broadcast division.

Contact Jennifer Fuller at jfuller@capitolnewsillinois.com
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