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2021 Election Results: Franklin County

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2021 Consolidated Municipal Election Results (contested races only):

Christopher Mayor:
Gary Bartolotti - Winner (296 votes)
Robert Arondelli III (203 votes)

Sesser Mayor:
Jason Ashmore - Winner (470 votes)
Joshua Qualls (185 votes)

Buckner Village President:
Angie Elko (86 votes)
Aaron Eubanks (97 votes)

North City Village President:
Stephanie "Steff" Sasade (79 votes)
James Allen (87 votes)

North City Village Trustee (vote for 3):
James Jackson (81 votes)
Amie Monteggia (96 votes)
Mark Moschino (117 votes)
Shawn Ingram (121 votes)

Valier Village President:
Bruce McMurray (165 votes)
Martin Buchanan (90 votes)

Valier Village Trustee - 2-year term (vote for 1):
Brian Miner (133 votes)
Phillip Phelps (109 votes)

West City Village Trustee (vote for 3):
Linda Sullivan (88 votes)
Darren Romani (67 votes)
Jack Wiggins (37 votes)
Dale Watkins (71 votes)

West City Village Trustee - 2-year term (vote for 1):
Amos Abbott (63 votes)
Pam Teague (26 votes)
Debbie Studebaker (37 votes)

Goode Township Clerk (vote for 1):
Jeffrey Webb (489 votes)
Tina Logsdon (335 votes)

Goode Township Highway Commissioner (vote for 1):
Brent Loucks (601 votes)
Wesley Kash (250 votes)

Goode Township Trustee (vote for 4):
Terry Witcher (573 votes)
Roger Loyd (570 votes)
Keith Kramer (538 votes)
Bryan Hastings (402 votes)
Russell Miller, Jr. (348 votes)
Charles Mercer (244 votes)
Ashley Qualls (287 votes)

Ewing Township Clerk (vote for 1):
Brenda Garvin (133 votes)
Dana Rone (57 votes)

Ewing Township Trustee (vote for 4):
Jeff Jones (126 votes)
Darrell Smith (120 votes)
Scott Britton (124 votes)
Mark Smith (96 votes)
Terald Kniffen (63 votes)
Jim Hood (63 votes)

Ewing and Northern Township Trustee (vote for 4):
David Goss
William Webb, Sr.
David Clark
Ronnie Sink
Daniel Fairchild

Browning Township Supervisor (vote for 1):
Rodney "Pete" Elko (309 votes)
James (Jim) Noel, Jr. (288 votes)

Browning Township Highway Commissioner (vote for 1):
Steven Overturf (371 votes)
Mony Kash (129 votes)
Tom Sanders (98 votes)

Browning Township Trustee (vote for 4):
Richard Lambert (204 votes)
Mike McCollum (221 votes)
Donna Sevenski (280 votes)
Doris Bartolotti (235 votes)
Dennis Followell (249 votes)
Charles "Chuck" Horton (237 votes)
Russ Carpenter (217 votes)
Gary Vanhoorebeke (244 votes)

Benton Township Supervisor (vote for 1):
Robert Blondi (486 votes)
Bryan Drew (356 votes)

Benton Township Clerk (vote for 1):
Jonathan Neace (282 votes)
Larry Toms (523 votes)

Benton Township Trustee (vote for 4):
Janice Hicks (223 votes)
Ed Doty (392 votes)
Theresa Bates (221 votes)
Terry Ray (291 votes)
Travis Severin (384 votes)
Ron Winemiller (414 votes)
Jay Copple (414 votes)
Norman Doc Melvin (345 votes)
Larry Darr (243 votes)

Eastern Township Supervisor (vote for 1):
Brad Payne (109 votes)
Derek Johnson (45 votes)

Eastern Township Clerk (vote for 1):
Carl Overturf (87 votes)
Debbie Jones (64 votes)

Eastern Township Highway Commissioner (vote for 1):
Dennis Clark (100 votes)
William Cody Williford (58 votes)

Eastern Township Trustee (vote for 4):
Frank Davis (79 votes)
Susan Davis (78 votes)
Marshal Clark (104 votes)
Jerry Miller (101 votes)
Ted Dollins (n/a)

West Frankfort Park District Commissioner (vote for 3):
Mike Smith (695 votes)
Mike Eberhart (328 votes)
Larry Crabtree (558 votes)
James McPhail (363 votes)

Benton Public Library Trustee (vote for 2):
Theresa Bates (251 votes)
Sara Handlin (275 votes)
Brian Scott Crisp (678 votes)
Leighann Tindle (142 votes)
Sue Browning Wells (411 votes)

Royalton Library Trustee (vote for 2):
Catherine Lyons (29 votes)
Verna McNeil (19 votes)
Barbara Patterson (67 votes)

Benton School Board (vote for 4):
Gary Messersmith (714 votes)
Derek Stowers (684 votes)
Amanda Miller (572 votes)
Brad Wilson (744 votes)
Lex Stewart (682 votes)

Frankfort CUSD #168 School Board - 4 year term (vote for 4):
Larry Burns (504 votes)
Rick Conner (473 votes)
John Butler (715 votes)
Schannone Steinberger (269 votes)
Susan Glodich (425 votes)
Dawn Browning (460 votes)

Sesser-Valier CUSD #196 School Board (vote for 4):
Jason Sample (966 votes)
Rebecca Barry (619 votes)
Anthony Martin (434 votes)
Jennifer Menser (648 votes)
John Spence (1,066 votes)
Kathryn Schoenbaechler (620 votes)

John A Logan College Trustee (vote for 3):
Brent Clark (492 votes)
John Streuter (177 votes)
Jacob "Jake" Rendleman (420 votes)
Glenn Poshard (516 votes)
Angelo Hightower (217 votes)

Rend Lake College Trustee (vote for 2):
Jeff Jones (2,682 votes)
David Asbery (2,407 votes)
Dennis Clark (n/a)
Larry Walden (n/a)
Derek Johnson (n/a)

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