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2021 Election Results: Williamson County

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2021 Consolidated Municipal Election Results (contested races only):

Williamson County reports 3,897 votes cast, for a turnout at 8%.Carbondale City Council (vote for 3):
Zero Votes Cast in Williamson County

Carolin Harvey
Nathan Columbo
Jeff Doherty
Tyrone Taliq Montgomery
Ginger Rye Sanders
Nicholas Smaligo
Melvin "Pepper" Holder
Jessica Bradshaw
Joshua Liechty

Herrin City Council - Ward 3 (vote for 1):
Scott Kinley - Winner (98 votes)
Jesse Higgerson (37 votes)
Kent Ingersoll (87 votes)

Hurst Mayor (vote for 1):
Duke Woolsey (94 votes)
James Randall Simpkins - Winner (108 votes)

Johnston City Mayor (vote for 1):
Douglas Dobbins - Winner (354 votes)
Sam Mocaby (210 votes)

Cambria Village President (vote for 1):
Zach Cox - Winner (105 votes)
Kendel Keifner (81 votes)

Cambria Village Trustee (vote for 3):
Ron Modglin - Winner (115 votes)
Suzzette Waldron-Coffey - Winner (95 votes)
Terry McKenzie (85 votes)
Mike Ren - Winner (136 votes)
John Vaughn (60 votes)

Colp Village President (vote for 1):
Tammy O'Daniell-Howell (16 votes)
Marcella Clark - Winner (30 votes)
Bryan Riekena (11 votes)

Village of Pittsburg President (vote for 1):
Keith Violett - Winner (102 votes)
Joseph Taylor (43 votes)

Village of Pittsburg Trustee (vote for 3):
Isaac Phipps - (55 votes)
Jesse Davis - Winner (82 votes)
Chris Sullivan - (66 votes)
Stanley Serati - Winner (67 votes)
Jerry "Scott" Cutsinger - Winner (68 votes)

Frankfort CUSD #168 School Board - 4 year term (Multi County Race - vote for 4):
Larry Burns (17 votes)
Rick Conner (22 votes)
John Butler (20 votes)
Schannone Steinberger (12 votes)
Susan Glodich (7 votes)
Dawn Browning (7 votes)

Johnston City Unit 1 School Board (vote for 3):
Chad Barras (552 votes)
John Etherton (313 votes)
Randy McIntosh (562 votes)
Patti Martin (413 votes)
Colt McVey (337 votes)

Vienna High School District 13-3 School Board (Multi County Race - vote for 4):
David Allbritten (1 vote)
Dennis Jason Hynes (1 vote)
Matthew Johnson (1 vote)
John Summers (1 vote)
Robbie Reeder
Jay Morgan
Debbie Jones
Charles "Bo" Vinson
Philip McMahan

John A Logan College Trustee (Multi County Race - vote for 3):
Brent Clark (2,018 votes)
John Streuter (1,300 votes)
Jacob "Jake" Rendleman (1,885 votes)
Glenn Poshard (1,863 votes)
Angelo Hightower (1,484 votes)

Southeastern Illinois Community College Trustee (Multi County Race - vote for 3):
Richard Morgan (11 votes)
Blake Bradley (4 votes)
David Dennison (5 votes)
Mark Motsinger (7 votes)
*Two write-in votes reported

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