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Previews Guide FAQ

What happened to my Previews Guide?

We are moving to a digital-based Previews Guide due to significant USPS mailing delays.

Please be advised there is a 7-14 day (or longer) mailing delay for items mailed bulk through the U.S. Postal Service. We are working with postal processors in Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Iowa, Tennessee, and Indiana to try to expedite delivery. We appreciate your patience as we look for ways to expedite production of the guide to allow more time for mailing and delivery. Due to postal delays, we have suspended printing of the Previews Guide until after November 2020. Viewers may access a digital copy of Previews and download the monthly TV listings for each station on the first of the month at wsiu.org/schedules.

Alternative Delivery Options

  • If you are unable to access the digital guide due to connectivity issues, we are happy to mail active station members a paper copy of the monthly TV listings and/or the Previews Guide. Just fill out this Mailing Request Form. Mail will be sent first class to expedite delivery. Not a member? Sign up for Previews digital delivery (Digital Previews Guide Form).
  • You may also opt-in to receive a digital copy of Previews via email and no longer receive a paper copy (if you choose) by filling out this Digital Previews Guide Form. The digital guide arrives via email on the first of the month and also helps us save on paper and mailing costs – plus it’s the most environmentally-friend way to keep up with what’s on TV.
  • Viewers can download the WSIU Mobile App on their smart device to view the WSIU TV, WUSI TV, World, and Create schedules. The WSEC TV, WMEC TV, WQEC TV, and PBS KIDS 24/7 Channel schedules are not currently available on the app but we are working to include them in the update scheduled for October 2020.

Learn more about the Previews Guide

You can view our Digital Previews Guide online

Previews is the monthly TV program guide for WSIU | WUSI | WSEC | WQEC | WMEC. Find program listings, in-depth articles about special programming, station projects, staff, underwriter profiles, and more.