Previews Guide FAQ

What happened to my Previews Guide?

There are  exciting new changes coming to the Previews guide! After receiving feedback from our audience and station members, we have decided to move to a new streamlined version of Previews.

As you may recall, we first began offering a 24-page digital guide in January 2020 and it was met with a wonderful reception. While a small group reported a preference to continue receiving a print copy, a larger group indicated a preference for the digital guide. However, the overwhelming majority of our members chose to opt out of Previews altogether, preferring instead to access the TV schedule modules available on our website and mobile app. This is not surprising as digital options are more accurate, more accessible, and a much more cost-effective method of sharing programming information with our viewers.

With this feedback as our guide, beginning January 2021, Previews will transition from a 24-page publication to a monthly e-newsletter. The Previews newsletter will contain information about upcoming television and radio programming as well as the station’s community engagement activities. And, like the Previews publication of old, it will provide links to our online TV schedules as well as a printable version of the 24-hour television listings for our southern Illinois and Springfield-area audiences.

We’re excited about this change and hope you will be too!

As a reminder, though we will no longer offer a printed guide or mail the TV listings, there are still MANY ways you can find out what’s coming on television:


  • Access our online schedule at to view the full 24-hour schedule of what’s on TV. You can search for specific programs and also look ahead to see what’s coming on today or later in the month!
  • Access printable versions of the full 24-hour television listings for WSIU/WUSI TV, WSEC/WMEC/WQEC TV, World, Create and the PBS KIDS 24/7 channels. These listings provide detailed information about each program and are provided as a PDF – great for viewing on-screen or printing at home. Please note: these listings are not updated as programming changes throughout the month.
  • Use the free WSIU Mobile App to access the full 24-hour TV schedules and weekly radio schedule. You can find the app in your app store or visit for more info.
  • Use your television’s native channel guide. We provide programming information to all the major cable/satellite providers to ensure they can import our schedules directly into their channel guides. We also provide them with updates whenever programming changes.