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Protect Yourself from July 4th Scams: BBB's Tips for a Safe Celebration

Better Business Bureau

As Americans prepare to celebrate July 4th with festivities and shopping, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns of potential scams that exploit the holiday spirit. Scammers often capitalize on patriotic themes, posing as fake veterans' charities or promoting dubious deals on flags, decorations, and party supplies through phishing emails and deceptive websites.

To avoid falling victim to these scams, BBB recommends several crucial steps. First, verify the legitimacy of charities soliciting donations by checking trusted sources like Give.org or BBB.org, where accredited charities are listed. Genuine charities will provide transparent information about their mission, use of funds, and contact details.

When shopping online for holiday essentials, stick to reputable retailers and avoid clicking on links from unsolicited emails or texts promising unrealistic discounts. Check website URLs for spelling errors or unusual domain names, which can indicate counterfeit sites designed to steal personal information.

BBB also advises against sharing sensitive information over insecure channels and recommends using secure payment methods when making online purchases. Enabling two-factor authentication on accounts adds an extra layer of security.

By staying vigilant and informed, consumers can ensure a scam-free Independence Day celebration, focusing on enjoying time with family and friends while protecting their financial and personal information. Embracing these precautions not only safeguards against scams but also promotes a safe and enjoyable holiday experience for all.

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