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Bost Favors Congressional Oversight on Iran Deal

Jennifer Fuller, WSIU

A southern Illinois Congressman supports a bill giving Congress the opportunity to approve or reject sanctions relief in an Iran nuclear deal.

Democrats are aligning with Republicans and are close to forming a veto-proof majority that President Barack Obama says could undermine the delicate final stage of negotiations.

Southern Illinois Congressman Mike Bost says he and his colleagues are studying the agreement line by line.
"I naturally do not trust them. I don't trust them because they've got a history of trying to hide things. The most dangerous thing in this world could be Iran armed with a nuclear weapon. We'll look the treaty over, based on that, it is my hope that we as Congress will have a vote. I'll be able to make my decision and tell you exactly what's in it at that time."
Under the bill, the sanctions relief would be suspended for 60 days while Congress reviews the agreement and votes on whether to approve or reject the measures.

The White House claims that President Obama alone has the power to negotiate and implement the evolving agreement that would see Iran curb its nuclear program in exchange for phasing out crippling sanctions. The deadline for a final deal is June 30th.

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